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PersonalJava was a Java edition for mobile and embedded systems based on Java It has been superseded by the CDC's Personal Profile which is not. Q. What is the PersonalJava application environment? A. The PersonalJava application environment is a Java platform for building network-connectable. The PersonalJava emulation environment helps you verify that the applets and applications you develop using the Java Development Kit (JDK) will run on an.

PersonalJava is a software development platform for creating network-capable applications for various consumer devices for office, home, and mobile use. PersonalJava is the Java application environment optimised for consumer electronics designed to support World Wide Web content including Java applets. Personal Java (PJ) is a mobile version of Java based on Java Because it never gained widespread popularity, Personal Java has been replaced by.

PersonalJava synonyms, PersonalJava pronunciation, PersonalJava translation, English dictionary definition of PersonalJava. An island of Indonesia separated. PersonalJava is an early attempt at a smaller footprint Java for mobile devices. There are versions for many different platforms, including things like Windows CE . Personaljava is intended for a much more general application environment than Embeddedjava. The target devices for Personal Java have up to 2 MB of ROM.



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