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3 Apr Let the cat sniff you before you pet it so it can become comfortable with you. Extend a hand or finger and allow the cat a chance to touch her. I have an almost irrationally high fear of rabies, so I'm gonna start off with saying the cat might have rabies. Though it's unlikely unless the cat is acting unusually. 8 Dec Some cats will let you touch their stomachs if you go in from the side, but you really have to watch their body language. My cat, Thomas, will let.

Training your cat to accept being held and touched. Cats can be very sensitive to touching and handling. Learn how to make it fun and rewarding for both you. 21 Nov Do you know where your cat loves to be petted — and what spot to avoid? Dr. Marty Becker does. Here's what you need to know. Browse through our website to view the excellent range of products available. From Eye Envy to cat show essentials and from brushes and combs to shampoos .

22 Sep Here's the bite-free way to give your cat some tummy rubs. Keep her trust by being gentle when touching her belly. By: scrapstothefuture. Cats with this syndrome are extremely sensitive when touched along the spine, down the back, and to the base of the tail. The clinical signs seen can include. Cat communication is the transfer of information by one or more cats that has an effect on the .. Touching noses, sometimes known as "sniffing noses", is a friendly, tactile greeting for cats. Some cats rub their faces on humans, apparently as a.



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