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I need to build a Custom Field Type for MOSS I see that came with IIS 6, nut I have IIS & installed on my Windows. %SystemRoot%\System32\ is used to list worker processes . Given an application pool identifier, it an report all of the process identifiers. To know the W3wp Process of a site in Windows server , i executed the command, iam getting the following the above.

9 Mar If there's one change I hate about IIS 7 and beyond, it is the lack of the very useful IISAPP script that was present on IIS 6 installations. VBScript Source File. ' ' Script Name: ' Option Explicit. On Error Resume Next. ' Error codes. Const ERR_OK = 0. Const ERR_GENERAL_FAILURE. 10 Sep Hi, I want to execute, but from all the links I have gathered, I cannot get to the just of how to execute it. I want to view all the W3WP.

20 Jun The command-line script can be used to view which application pool a worker process belong to (a process in Task. 8 Jul The command-based script host ( is used to run the VbScripts or JScripts. In our case we would use the to ascertain the. The script is already placed in systemroot\system32 on Windows Server so simply go to your Command Prompt and type in ( is optional).



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