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AROS 68k has two ROM files, a Kickstart and a Kickstart ext, you will need both. The emulator should be set up exactly as an A but with full and above. Anyone tried to make a g++ cross-compiler for 68k? Or there are simpler ways, maybe, to compile owb for aros 68k? This is Fab's Odyssey. The build is not. How do we allow native AROS code to call 68k code would be that our VP code is the 68k code.

AROS Research Operating System (AROS – pronounced "AR-OS") is a free and open source Icarosjpg. Icaros (AROS distribution) Desktop with Amiga 68K integration (August ). Developer, The AROS Development Team . This site is about Aros Vision based on the 68k branch mainly. Aros 68k runs on existing 68k amigas, emulation with UAE (lots of platforms including Android). 5 Mar Aros is the future OS for Vampire and the new standalone devices. The Vampire devs want to support Aros development as a win-win scenario.

13 May AROS-Exec is the natural online meeting place for users of, developers of and people generally interested in the Amiga Research Operating. 20 Jul My conclusion and question is we do not need the old binaries anymore because there is a replacement for it: Aros 68k together with Rom. 14 Jun Jason McMullan and Tony Wilen, however, have been working hard on the Motorola 68K port of AROS and today many Amiga applications of.



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