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Superpi sse3

Originally dubbed Prescott New Instructions, Intel now refers to the core's 13 additional instructions as SSE3. Of course, you won't see any immediate benefit. Downloads. You can download SuperPI from here: Download Super PI WP. The latest version of Super PI with hardware detection and on-line submission. 2 Mar sse3 and super pi - I see that AMD just released a core that supposedly has sse3 support. I suppose that means now that they won't bitch and.

4. Super Pi with SSE2 optimized patch 5. Super Pi with SSE3 optimized patch 6. Super Pi mod with checksum validation here. 21 Jun AMD's typically underwhelming Super PI performance, that was usually .. any non-Intel processor lacked SSE2, SSE3, and something else. 17 Aug Super Pi 1m scores Super-Pi SSE3 instruction set mod (31 seconds).:) Super-Pi mod version shows me @ 32 seconds now, vs.

1 Sep However in apps that are known to run SSE3 like superpi I get a whopping 1 second faster with SSE3 then SSE2 how is it the iNtel guys see a. So, listed below are download links for superpi, the sse2 and sse3 patches and the process timer. Run patched and unpatched, showing cpu-z. supports following CPU extensions: SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE, SSE, . CPU benchmark fully Open Source to supplant the older test like SuperPI.



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