Never was a coffee girl but my god was I a Diet Coke girl. Back in the day I was the can’t go to work without diet coke in the bag kinda girl … How that has changed ! That’s for another story !

Not a tea drinker of late – himself can’t make it to perfection. The tea fad lately is green tea with lemon ! Refreshing. 

 Coffee never bothered me unless of course it’s an Irish … Desperate problem with saying No with that one ! 

 Anyway met the sisters for the usual scone & tea … Except this time … Latte please from this chick … Not to my liking … Too milky. Kept my whist!  They’re both having cappachino .. One says to the other how’s yours? Cold she replies – too strong she quipped back! Really are they experts or what at this ☕️☕️

Next day … Here I go .. Cappachino please … Well yum yum yum … It’s hot anyway that’s a start … Not too strong ! Another 👍.  The only thing I will say is that I was on a trip out of town and stopped off in the Crescent shopping Centre in Limerick.  It must be said that I had my next Cappuchino in the Butlers Chocolates Cafe and that was enough to convince me, it was serious luxury.  Note to self.  They give you two choccies of your choice with your coffee so thumbs up all round … 

 I have decided I shall save my Cappachino drinking for when I’m out or as a treat.  Wont be making them at home.  Theres always a bottle of baileys handy if I need a fix.  None either when I’m in town filling up with diesel to go on the road.

Lets see how long it’ll last …..

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