Stay On Track & Make This A Healthy Weekend!!!

Very interesting graphic on this one šŸ‘

Monica Akerele's Fitness Blog


Happy Friday Everyone! How are you doing today and how did your week go on the 30 day challenge? I hope it went well. Well itā€™s the weekend and usually that means we may be more tempted to splurge. Believe me I OVERstand!!! I literally have 3 baby showers to attend on Saturday so I really have my work cut out for me in managing my food intake at each event. But here are some tips you can use on this picture that will help you position yourself for a healthier weekend!!! Just in case you get tempted just remind yourself of what you are trying to accomplish. In fact write on an index card what your goal weight is and write on the back of it ā€œCOMPROMISE IS NOT AN OPTION, STAY ON TRACK!ā€ Keep this card with you at ALL times so you can pull it out asā€¦

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