How it all started ?


How it all started … Where do I start ? Actually before I start its 4.48am & I can’t sleep so I’ve vacated to the spare room! I’m on my mobile and I can’t see what I’m typing because it’s font -4 Times New Roman !!

Annnnyway, I’m in Dingle and I am chatting away mad to herself (Can I name people on this sort of thing – not a clue 🙉) about various issues when she pipes up “I think you’d make a great blogger” and d’you know what … I can’t get it out of my head since !! I’ll call herself my “Pinterest Fanatic Friend” She’s laughing mad at herself now because she knows who she is !

I wonder did she get her walk today- kind of loses her plot if she doesn’t. There’s a ‘syndrome ‘ name for it somewhere- Mommy needs to clear her…

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