Take Two – Nude Nail Varnish Tried & Tested

So I decide to treat myself to a new nail varnish in town this morning to come home to rummage out the remover to find … Yes you’ve guessed it … A near carbon copy to the one I just bought ! 

While it must be said I’m not a huge fan of hand nail polish whereas summer toes is a different story. So I’m here now with one colour on the left paw & the other colour on the right ! 


I’ve showed it to three or four fashionistas in the passed few days and the Gosh Miss Mole wins hands down (excuse the pun). 

They both went on really well. To be fair the Rimmel Beige Babe dried much quicker but it was much lighter nearly see through after one coat. The more I looked at it there was a hint of pink from it. 

Gosh Miss Mole was thicker going on … Definitely a shinier finish which made it look more professionally done. 

My nails have been done nearly 48 hours now and to be fair they’re both just chipping at the tip … Nothing to do with washing dishes or bathing boys (nah)😁

To seal the deal ..  One coat of the Gosh brand would suffice… Perfect for a busy Mom rushing out the door.  💅

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