Your dress for “their” big day !

So the first holy communion day has arrived in your house … It’s not every Saturday morning you get to pick more than your black tracksuit out of the “clean pile” and throw it on so you think ok here I go … I want to feel good and classy about myself for this one and then the dreaded thought occurs to u …. What am I going to wear ? What will she wear I wonder thinking about herself down the village 💃 how many weeks do I have to shape up ? But this not about what others will wear its what’s the most practical for you & your lifestyle as well as giving you the feel good factor each time you put it on 😀

Again the idea given to me by my “born to run” friend who is in this situation … Wants to be the yummy mummy without it being too long, too sexy, too old for her age. 

 💃 First things first three of the 4 outfits I choose can be worn with nude heels or navy heels.

💃 Choose wisely. Mix n match it with accessories that cost a bomb when we were footloose & fancy free that are still in the back of the wardrobe. 

💃I just love the top dress for its versatility. Worn with navy heels on a big day with a clutch or flats & a cross body bag for a summer bbq. Wear it shopping with the girls with your favourite tote. No jewellery accessories required I think. 


From FeeG … Dress featured strongly during the recent kerry fashion week. Wear it with nude, navy or silver heels. €219 at selected FeeG stockists or buy it here at 

💃We all have a nice black top in the wardrobe don’t we, just give it a new lease of life with this Principles skirt. Peep toe wedges, Courts the choice is endless. Red toes & lips for a pop of colour. I couldn’t resist it. In the bag! 

💃The trousers suit is navy from Next and you will be guaranteed to get loads of wear out of it either together or separately. Personally I’d jazz it up for a big day. White underneath is a bit office job look so don’t be afraid, silver or yellow would make great choices in the Spring.  Don’t think I’d go to my local church Roz style … just the bra underneath !

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