La le Padraig

I’ve been meaning to write this one for quite a while now but just busy busy busy.

As many of you know the earliest parade in the country is held in Dingle.  This parade is all about tradition, this tradition handed down to me & now the young guns are loving every minute of it. I think the darkness and eeriness intrigues them at the off! I can’t remember when I ever missed one last except for 2003. We all gather before 6am in the still quiet air – a tradition dating back to the Land Wars of the 1880’s when celebrations were forbidden in daylight hours.  It’s pitch black and all of a sudden the tunes of the Fife & the drum dance from the roof tops of the cottages – a place where the unique tunes of this Banna Cheoil were first written & played. Off we go.

Around the town we go and up to the church for first mass.

The streets are quiet again.

Until its time to celebrate the main parade and thank god again this year we had glorious sunshine.  Children of all ages amongst all the towns floats with smiles on their faces enjoying sweets and goodies being thrown from all the floats while Mammies and Daddies are more worried about keeping them in and keeping them safe.  But they see no danger in sweet throwing !

Then this year for the first time ever our own parade in the village,  5 floats and a great turn out of spectators. From the post office to the face of the cliff & ar ais arís. 700 metres the experts said. One hell of a heavy flag by all accounts!

A great day ended with the schoolchildren playing their music in the pub and the younger ones playing on the beach while the parents were already talking about how next years event will be even bigger and better.

Herself all out in a beige belted swing coat as was all the rage in Zara before Christmas! Always top of her game !

Go mbeirimid beo ag an am seo aris!

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