The brown leather look

Christ I love it … Spotted a brown leather cross over body in Marks & Sparks the other day and my god ladies if I didn’t have 2 smallies and a husband who has barred me from handbags this one would be “in the bag” ! It was fabuloso 😍

Herself landed at the door for a cuppa this evening (6pm & in my pyjamas) with her good news, her bad news and her I’m seriously jealous news but ná bac le sin …

She had the bag … In all its glory ! I think there’s something really good looking about a brown crossbody bag.

It’s timeless, obviously a half decent one will last for years … And there’s that whole notion of it gets better looking with age (like the rest of us !)

While I would be one totally against the 40 shades going on I’d just be sticking to the bag & boots in brown. It looks classier. Herself had the bag n boots teamed with navy … And the hair freshly done … Says she in her pyjamas 😁😳

I think I should start my wish list with one of these ! 👜💬

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