Easter Holidays with the kids 

So it’s Friday and the kids have their Easter holidays at 11.30 but I’m gone out the door as quick for a few appointments and a quick scoot around the shops (no purchases😔). Holy god ladies there are jumpsuits EVERYWHERE ! More about them later 

Home I land and they’re all on “its the easter holidays” mode. 2 easter eggs each from school. Mental note to self DO NOT TOUCH … Another Note to self…  hoovered this place yesterday & now it’s has sausage rolls crumbs from front door to back ! 

The noise levels are up way up there. It’s misty outside & there’s fog down to the ground. Deep breadth … I need a plan ! No wait a minute WE need a plan … 

They’ve two weeks off and juggling it with work & everything else ain’t going to be smooth sailing unless … WE make a plan! Ye all I know what and who I mean when I say WE. 

On top of all that young gun has a birthday 🎂🎂 next week, Nan & Grandad will be here for a visit as well as the cousins so it will be all go go go 😫. First year he’s not bothered about a party. He wants to take his pal to the cinema to see Shaun the sheep. Suits me fine. Job done ! Note to self contact pals Mom to warn her of pending invitation ! 

When the cousins come from all they want is the usual Easter egg hunt in the garden … 

So I’ve now filled in half an hour of an Easter egg hunt and maybe a three hour return trip to the cinema … There’s a hell of a lot more time than that In the next three weeks ! So look heads up & make the most of it!


If it’s dry wrap them up and get out out out, you might surprise yourself & enjoy it too 😛 

1. Do a day trip, pack a bag, if your in Dublin visit the zoo, if it’s Cork get a day pass for Fota Wildlife Park. Actually if your in North cork, South Tipp check out Leahys Open Farm http://www.leahysopenfarm.ie … It’s a fantastic place for kids. Do the national park, my boys love running in & out through the trees and woods. Park the car & walk up to Torc Waterfall.  

2. Visit the local playground. Walk the beach, climb the hill behind the house. Is there a forest park walk near you ? 

3. Colour … Ok ok I know you mention colouring and it comes with screams of no wayyyyy thats sooooo boring ! Google … Print off relevant colouring pages … Easter themes … Tell them you’ll let them cut out their colouring and stick it up on the wall ! Sit with them … It’ll last longer ! 


4. It’s very easy to hunt them into the playroom but they’ll be in better form and believe it or not you’ll be less stressed if you sit on the floor and be with them. Sometimes they just want to know your interested and come here lets face it the housework can wait 


5. Bake … Be clever … Cook or bake something that’s freezer friendly and that’ll  make your life easier at a later date ! Of course do an Easter themed treat … Google there’s loads. I had to stop it was giving me too much inspiration. Let them make their own smoothie. 

6. If it’s a seriously bad day, light the fire, make them a hot chocolate, (all the biz in this house at the minute)let them pick the book and read it to them ! 

7. I want to learn to make my own sauce for the pizza, we’re not gone on tomato based sauces in this house so need to spruce up the taste with other veg ! Any tips on this one very welcome ladies ! 🍕🍕🍕

8. Lastly, 2 things for yourself 

Challenge yourself … Buy an ingredient you’ve never bought before – whether it’s pink grapefruit, agave syrup, wholemeal flour, almond milk whatever … Would love to hear how you get on with this one ! 

Get out … Even if it’s only to the shop it’s head space ! 

9. Lastly, enjoy the time. We’re only getting one chance at Easter 2015. Once it’s gone that’s it … 



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