Sunday lunch with the Girls

Unfortunately it wasn’t me out for lunch with the girls … I had all & sundry as company as we were on our way to yet another football match. 

Before I start I have to apologise to the three ladies who were enjoying lunch out on Sunday. I have no doubt that they thought there was a permanent crick in my neck … To say I was staring is probably putting it mild. 

Oh ladies … One of the girls was just dressed to the utmost spring perfection …  No… in fact all of them were. It could have been a Mom and her daughters. A fit looking woman in her 60’s, Mom, maybe grandmother who cut a dash in black & white. 


I can’t tell you much about one of the girls because I spent my time starring at the other … 

Talk about just oozing spring perfection with seriously on trend fashion alert. Of course the sun kissed look just made it look even better. Not to mention the makeup and the contouring ! New word for me – Contouring – more about that later. 

Simple perfectly white shirt – collars half up – teamed with blue denim skinnies – safe enough to say we all provably have both in the wardrobe. Sleeveless knee length spring coat/Cape looked just fab. Belted together with a plain brown leather belt that was the EXACT same shade as the knee high boots and the tote handbag. And just to prove that she had a good eye for the on trend fashion this girl had her rose gold watch, bangle and ring on … 

I could guarantee she wasn’t going where I was going ! 


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