Shed the winter layers … spring is in the air 

Ok ladies. We’ve had bomber jackets, quilted jackets, trench coats, rain coats, the “good” wool coat, hats, scarves & headbands (is that the chime of the lad at the gate of Semple ? Anyone now for the hats scarves or headbands.) wrapped around us for the past 5/6 months. Get over it now ! Time to shed it, wash it & either turf it out or put it away ! Freshen it up ! Even though the evenings are still a bit chilly we won’t freeze – its time to select lighter. There’s loads to choose from. For starters there are coloured Blazers everywhere. I’m not a fan of big bold bright colours. The burnt orange one here is from New Look and is a nice fit but has no buttons so the tailored look wasn’t there. There’s the same colour in a scalloped edge in Dorothy Perkins but would go out of date very quickly. The navy one with the pink top is from Dorothy Perkins but it’s quite loose fit 👎 Waterfall kind of effect. Capes are everywhere … I just snapped these two in Paco (both under €15) but they’ve a variety of different designs. I picked up a plain black one in Vero Moda for just €12.99. There blue is from Penny’s €13 … Sure where would you get it. My favourites around at the mo are the ones with any kind of a pinstripe. This military style one from Vero Moda bought by herself in Cork ! I tend to stick to the safe colours, the beiges & navy’s ! For me the length of the blazer is the most important thing … This one from Marks and Sparks is the most flattering length I think  – sits nicely on the hip👍

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