If the hat fits … Wear it 

Afternoon my lovelies … Just heard yesterday as I drove along that ladies day at Leopardstown is on tomorrow- Monday and “hats” immediately came to mind !    


hats by Irish designer Philip Treacy on show at the royal wedding


A far cry from my green fleece hat that I constantly pull down over my ears ! The more I think about it I think Headpieces have evolved into a fashion accessory that is not to be overlooked, Hats have moved on from being a practical item to become a fashion statement in everyday life. The Fedora nearly knocked us all out during last Autumn/Winter. 👒


Hats can hide your face if they sit low or they can sit on top of your head leaving your face fully revealed. Many women do not like to wear hats as they worry about leaving their hair flat when they take their hat off. When you choose a hat, how tightly it sits on your head is a consideration. We all know the lines around the hair of men and boys who wear baseball caps and certainly don’t want this when we take off a hat. If you have a hair style and wear a hat that could show a line, you might wish your hat to sit loosely. Consider a hat pin or bobby pins to hold your hat in place.


Beautiful women wear beautiful hats 😌


The wonderful thing about our modern fashion is that anything goes. There are many different styles to choose from. Hats are no longer one style. Just as you choose a hairstyle or sunglasses to flatter your look, you should choose a hat style that flatters your face and body shape. The key to choosing a hat is balance. Try to choose a hat which will contrast your face or body features.

Choose an angular hat with a sharp brim to lessen a very round face, choose a round shape for an angular face, wide hats for a long face. Oval faces can wear any style.

Consider your body type. If you are a petite body type, choose a smaller hat as a big hat can be overpowering. If you are tall, choose a hat with a wide brim and short crown, not tall angled hats. If you have a full figure, choose a wide hat with a full brim.


I didn’t realise until I was talking to herself last night that you can buy all sorts of accessories online and design and create your own wonderful hat ! I love the idea of this. What a truly unique idea ! So whether or not your a race day filly or just prefer to scour through the style on line or in the papers remember to trust yourself and if the cap fits wear it! 

I know who I’ll be going to when I need a hat again … Now all I need is the excuse ! 

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