Easter & all that goes with it 

Ladies where will I start ! Wow hasn’t it become commercialised ! Cadburys must be millionaires ! All day I’m just going through the motions and the detox ! Chanting to myself like a Hebrew “no more choc” ! When searching for my phone earlier I decide to search in a small “Meadows & Byrne” bag perched on the worktop when out from the bag looking up at me is these babies … 


Himself must have hid them from the lads … Could he not just have eaten them & be done with it ! In all fairness! Between nibbling on bits of chocolate, Easter Sunday dinner fit for a king, Apple & Blackberry crumble from the Church Cake Sale & an Irish Coffee with my sister in town I mean really did I need to find these ! No worries though … still highly motivated as they sit in the sun 🌞 ( hopefully melting !) 

As part of the week long birthday celebration for the 7 year old he was promised a trip to the cinema with his cousins so off we went en masse yesterday! Deposited my three men, their cousin & her Dad at the door and we (Sis & I & 18 month old headstrong beauty) turned on our heels once the gang were armed with copious amounts of popcorn and we didn’t as much as glance back! 

Will we go for something to eat she quipped … Hellooooo … We have an hour & a half freedom & you want to sit on your todd ! Not a chance … 15 or so shops in 90 mins -you do the maths for yourself – and off we trot ! I’ve come prepared to kly … Runners on & ready to rock ! 

First stop we both buy even though we are in Heatons for less than 10 mins 😀

Heatons Monday bargains

She bought the sandals in black ! They’re fabulous on ! I buy the red ruffle top. Plan to team it with navy for work. 

On and on and on we go .. In & out of shops. She’s bringing my attention to all & sundry. I’m snapping mad with the phone. Corals, yellows, greens, baby blues, there’s colour everywhere ladies ! She buys a nice cream waterfall blazer (Penny’s – where else😘), white skinnies, a top but I can’t remember what it’s like and a fab clutch €15.


I finally give in & buy a printed pants – I had planned to post a pic of them with my plain navy tee and my navy wedges … Problem – can’t find where I’ve hidden the shoes🙉 such are my problems ! 

Shaun the Sheep over and we are sitting pretty waiting for the gang, no pressure & no sprinting haha ! They’re bouncing with energy so off to Muckross house to let them run off the steam ! They loved it … A gem for kids. Huge crowd due to fine weather and they get their freedom while we rehydrate 😛 … Wave goodbye to the cousins … They head home to Cork and we head back west. All happy & tired.

Tired but busy after great day out in garden with the boys … Needed head space- headed out when himself got home from work. This was my head space today 


An ait is fearr ar domhain

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