The story so far – The Road Ahead

Hello chicks. First and foremost ladies I hope you are all entering the competition over on my FB page. Check it out here:

Back to business ! Been blogging in my head for bout 6 weeks now and loving every minute. I have lots of different articles written… Just need to find the time to proof read, make them look appealing and publish ! The floor beside the bed is turning into a “research zone” ! In fact too bad for me to snap a pic !

This is what I need

This is what I need !

Also need to chat to an IT person just to perfect a few niggles I have! Small bit of a perfectionist going on there !

Chanced my arm sent a few emails to different businesses and organisations and lo & behold got wonderful positive replies 👍 so watch this space ladies.

After chatting to lots and listening to views, opinions, suggestions the lot I’m going to start some regular posts on the same topics so from here on we’ll have “Foot Fetish Friday” 👠👡 every week and on the first of each month I’ll be doing a post on “Payday Pennies” 👌

For the summer months too I’m going to do a post on “kid friendly attractions & activities on the Wild Atlantic Way” ! If your doing a staycation this should appeal to lots !

There will be days ladies when young guns and life will have to take priority but I have no doubt you’re right behind me on that one & will understand that in my absence I’m at the beach 😜

Pause:  We’ve just had a family dance to Put em under pressure … Olé Olé Olé … great song !

Most of all folks if there’s anything you’d like to see wont you feel free to say it …

Raising my bottle of water here beside me to fun times ahead and to figure out now how I’m going to cut copy & paste all the names for the giveaway …

Now to washing the few dishes after the breakfast 🍲🍲🍲🍲

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