Will you skip or jump for the Jumpsuit look ?

Good morning Moms … As I mentioned, on Friday I headed off for a few appointments and a bit of window shopping … jumpsuits were jumping at me all day …

Printed, monochrome, plain, sleeveless, round neck, V neck you name it. Plain ones look classiest. Simple jewellery. Less is more !

Personally I think for a jump suit to look it’s best and make you the wearer feel good it must be high heels. There’s no doubt about it a jumpsuit worn with high shoes elongates your look making you feel and look taller !

The plain black one on the bottom right above is the one that I saw first that conjured up my curiosity to jump … Why … Simply because a big sign overhead read Jumpsuits €15.

So hence I could have been spotted snapping jumpsuits for the following two hours ! I’m driving home and I’m thinking about the jump so I hop into the local boutique (www.labohemedingle.com) and bring home a jumpsuit to try on for research purposes (this is going to become a regular habit – I can sense it !)

In the door home and young guns are on a high due to school hols … Do the bits, have lunch, wash the lunch boxes, can’t wait to put them in a hide for a fortnight 😃 and up the stairs with jumpsuit … OH MY LORD … Not for me … Just no … Can’t even pinpoint one part of it … All wrong !

I tried the red & black one above (top left)on. The V neck for some reason didn’t click & usually I’ve no bother with the V and I think this style didn’t do any favours to leftover baby tummy ! It’s very hard to see in the picture that there was a pleated layer over the waist & abs and it looked and felt uncomfortable! I would also have preferred a little wider on the ankle.

I think, without doubt it’s hard to pull off a jumpsuit and get it exactly right so there’s no jury on this one … It’s out for me … Quick trip back to town to return it … Good luck to the lady who bags it ! I hope they have a long & fashionable relationship together !

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