Off to the Wedding – Maternity Style

After chatting to my lovely friend in Cork at the weekend I started thinking maternity style.  Herself over the road is expecting too. Think she has one wedding.

Anyway herself in Cork is in a blissful state of pregnancy until not one, not two but three wedding invites have arrived in the door.  Add that to three days babysitting pay for hero no. 1, three long days watching himself get happily merry and three drives home in the dark of night with pains and aches and ankles like the grandmother of the bride after dancing all night.

Thoughts spring to Kate, blissful before and after, where are my team of “miracle workers”? Then suddenly what will I wear?, how big will I be ? whose going to what wedding?, can I wear the same dress twice and on and on and on and then a peak in the mirror and then uugghhh … Let’s sleep on it !

First things first, if only I’d known there is maternity wear for hire back in my day I’d be straight in the door flying. Countless dresses I bought that never made me feel in anyway ready for a wedding. Check out for hire👍🏻 


You know the score with regards to accessorising with maternity wear … Keep it simple … Try team your dress with shoes and a bag you already have in the wardrobe. They’re are lots of great flat sandals out there for a small price that you will be dying to put on once you sit down to your dinner !    
I love the simplicity of the baby blue from … Add silver accessories for a dressy day out or wear it lots of times afterwards with flats … Great dress! 

Get a blow dry … Fake tan and a big smile to help you cope with the amount of times you’ll answer the question “how long are you gone?” And manage to keep sane while they all get merrily merry ! 

For you Pam, E 

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