Luke’s Family

A hugely inspirational story about this young man. There are no limits.


This blog is about our son Luke and his intention to participate in the Dingle Half Marathon www.dinglemarathon.ieon 5th of September 2015, pushed in his wheelchair by his uncle Gerard O’Grady.

Start of the Dingle Marathon

We have three wonderful sons Robert, Luke and John. Luke, the middle man is 27 years old and has West’s Syndrome which means he has Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. This necessitates that he uses a wheelchair. He’s an outdoorsy man who likes being out in the fresh air, the wind and loves a bit of ” craic”.

John, Luke & Robert

Because of his disabilities Luke needs to be facilitated to participate in most activities but he’s up for a challenge and some of his achievements to date include horse riding, boogie-boarding and canoeing to name but a few!

And next where did the idea come from to run in the Dingle Half…

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