Darkness into Light Dingle

Just a short post on my morning – 9th of May and the first ever Darkness into light in Dingle.  From the first talks that this event was happening I was doing it.  Didn’t matter if I was the only one there so it was with great gung-ho I hopped out of bed at 3.15a.m.  Looked out the window.  Lights on in the next two houses.  Are they going too I wondered ! Jesus is this going to be a big thing ?

Cuppa in and off I went.  Collected my Pinterest fanatic friend on the way. Parked up, said hellos, and off we went and walked.  It didn’t matter that it was dark. We were here to walk for the cause. Job done.

It wasn’t until we got back that I/we realised the real reason why we were here at this unearthly hour.  While I am absolutely blessed not to have been affected directly by suicide I have no doubt that there was lots of pain around Dingle Marina this morning.  The crowd was huge.  I never imagined such a turn out.

    I had never thought of doing a blog on my morning walk but the more I thought about it – I am the mother of two young boys in this world  – ages 7 and 5.5.  It instilled in me the fact that we must bring up our kids with the gift of communication.  Being able to talk.  To bring them up with compassion and feeling.  To help them understand that there are others in the world who might not feel as good as they do. To help and encourage them to be able to express themselves.  To be in tune with self awareness.

As we watched daylight sneak through the dark and the still water reflecting the sky overhead I did think to myself – someone here is looking at those birds from a totally different angle than me.  I marvelled at their reflection in the water.  I have no doubt someone there looked up and saw it as a sign from their loved one in heaven.

 Pieta House, I have no doubt does wonderful work and we were honoured that Dingle was one of their chosen venues this morning.

Well done everyone.

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