This Is How Sheryl Sandberg Says You Can Honor Her Late Husband Dave Goldberg


Sheryl Sandberg has responded to the outpouring of questions about how people can pay tribute to her late husband Dave Goldberg, who collapsed and died May 2 while exercising at a gym on vacation. Sandberg, Facebook’s COO, posted on the questions website Quora, where she answered the “generous” and “kind” users who asked how they could best pay their respects.

She wrote that people who knew the SurveyMonkey CEO personally could post photos and memories on Facebook. Others could make time to have dinner with their families:

One friend also told me that he canceled a planned work dinner last night to have dinner with his kids instead. We always went around the table and each of us said our best and worst of the day. The family rule is that you have to have a best but a worst is optional. I think there is no better way for…

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