Cocoa Brown Tan Review

So I get confirmation a few weeks back that I’ve been selected as @CocoaBrown Tan Blogger of the week ! Delighted !

I earnestly set about the prep work … Exfoliating with their #Tough Stuff and moisturizing with their #Chocolate Whip moisturizer ! In fact I love the smell of the moisturizer so much I realize I’m putting it on after the morning shower and before bed! To be honest I’ve been using the Chocolate Whip moisturizer since I discovered it.

In my head I need a occasion for a Tan .. how wrong was I ?  I’m slowly beginning to realize that @CocoaBrownTan makes you feel better instantly.  The 1 Hour Tan Mousse is perfect for during the week or your average weekend. Who cares if you are only going grocery shopping !  I always use Lovely Legs Spray if my legs are out … to a wedding or a birthday bash or something and on my body for a wedding or event I use #Night & Day Tan.  I even give it a second layer.

What I like about it: – the smell … mmmm …. Its so easy to apply because you can see whats going on.  The washable tan mitt is perfect.  I’ve known other tan mitts to let the colour through and onto the palm of your hand.  Best of all about @CocoaBrownTan is that its not an orange colour when it develops.  Its a golden hue that looks so natural.  The One Hour Tan is just like a healthy glow.

If you have a reason for tan twice within a few short days the “Tough Stuff” remover is brill .. use it with the exfoliating mitt … two jobs done in one …

If you haven’t used @MarissaCarters Cocoa Brown range before now ladies you should really give it a try.  Available nationwide.

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