I’m starting this post off in my head as I sit in the car and I’m wondering where it was I first heard about Nia or what attracted me to this brand. TBH I think I read about it in a Sunday newspaper and off I went to check @NiaNaturalBeauty.

To my surprise and the piece that “ticked my box” even more is that it’s made right here in Munster on the  Kerry Limerick border in Newcastlewest. Every single person that has ever left Kerry knows Newcastlewest like the back of their hand. Check ✅

So I contact the lovely Celia with my curiosity and am welcomed with open arms. ! For the past fortnight I’ve been using their “Calendula & Orange Blossom Cleansing Balm”. It arrives with a Cleansing Cloth, with a personalised letter and some skin care advice!  Check ✅

For the record for the past 8 years I’ve been using the same brand of Cleanser. If there is one beauty tip I got from my mother it’s the use of the good old fashioned face cloth ! So I slapped on a milky cleanser and washed it off. Full stop. 

Nia is different. Nia’s Cleansing Balm is of quite a thick consistency so it does require work. You must massage it in for it to be effective. No slapping it on ! So theirfore it’s working or “waking up” what’s under the skin too. After using Nia’s cleansing balm for a fortnight I can honestly say that for the first time ever I questioned the Ingredients in my products – Why ? – because every time I open this Nia cleansing Balm I can smell the au natural. It’s a real “Spa” smell 😀 Off to bed conscious that my skin has been deep cleaned … I feel that my skin is warm when I realise that the naturalness of the active ingredients has started to make my blood flow. Circulate or something to that effect! Check ✅

Wait for this – to add to the positive vibes from Nia Natural Beauty a few days after I receive my sample I receive a “follow up” call wondering how I’m getting on. We had a lovely chat. Note to self – how many companies in Ireland need to take this Sales & Marketing tip on board. Check ✅

I’m no beauty expert & no beauty queen but this is a genuinely lovely product. I’m known to have the odd Diet Coke binge. I’m a reformed addict of sorts. Hands up … My skin does suffer a blemish after a Diet Coke binge … I can put my finger on the spot ! It has definitely calmed. Redness not as obvious. I was at a “do” with the in-laws last night. All the women remarked that my skin looked great …. Maybe … Just maybe it’s the Calendula & Orange Blossom Cleansing Balm teamed with my new Cucumber Lemon Mint & Ginger in water fad but it made me feel great … Check ✅

With a smile I tell you … If you saw me today you’d say I look like sh1t* – it’s the effects of the great night out ! 

Payday in 10 days time and I know what I’m ordering from Nia – Can’t wait ! 

I’m not going to write reviews for Moms like me looking for all positives or all negatives about something or saying something because that’s what you want to hear. We want something that does what it says on the tin but for the record they could make this Balm in a bigger size … It’s disappearing down the tin already 😕 60ml tin size – but that’s not for me and I’m not being negative ! That’s for the marketing gurus 😋

Try it ladies – it might just suit you ! 

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