BB or CC 

Whilst browsing through the nice bits in @Boots recently when I got talking to @Makeup by Jacqui – we got chatting about makeup in general – or my own makeup routine (or lack of!)  to be exact I suppose and she proceeded to give me samples of the @No. 7 BB and CC Cremes. 

From the get go lets just say I am no expert or beauty guru when it comes to these sort of things. The only thing I will give myself credit for is a good skin care routine – the whole cleanser, toner & moisturiser business ! There – I needed to get that big off my chest because I’m super conscious that there are oodles of beauty bloggers out there ! And this is only one Mammies personal opinion 😋

My own makeup ! Two or three bottles in the cabinet for a year and usually not empty when the feeling off – shit that must be out of date by now gets under my skin & I (reluctantly) chuck it ! 


Let it be said I don’t wear makeup to work so I’m not like my sister – out the door every morning with a painted face and pout to suit it😘. If I need something during the day I always go for my Clarins BB Creme. It’s light, it’s not fussy, goes on easy in quick record time before I go out the door. Retailing in Boots @ €34.50 

I learned three things from @makeup by Jaqui

1. If your makeup is gone beyond its goodness the oil will rise to the top … Yes Peeps I’ve seen it happen. 

2. All Creme or oil based product you apply to your skin should be set with a powder and 

3. BB = Blemish Balm and CC = Colour corrector ! 

Let’s cut the crap ! The CC Creme did me no favours ! Not for me simple as ! Looked at myself when I got home, too fine rosy cheeks, looked like I hadn’t applied anything. No coverage. 


The BB creme, light weight, easy to apply, great coverage, stayed on. I did – as part of the new me – swirl the powder on brush over the face afterwards. I was pleasantly surprised. Retails @ €17.50 in Boots with an SPF of 15 but an added extra of a whopping  5* UVA 

I have plenty Of my BB Creme left at the minute but you know what No 7 would have to be high on the list when it’s time to purchase again. Thumbs up from this amateur & good on the pocket too ! 

Now my next task … To find myself a perfect compact powder & brush to complete my ritual … The search is on! 

                                       Hope you enjoyed the read !


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