Marilyn Monroe – An icon on her birthday

To google Marilyn Monroe makes the mind boggle ! I could read all day … Well no actually I couldn’t read all day … What I mean is that there is enough info on her life in cyber space to keep one reading all day !

From beauty, modelling, smiles, love, marriage, divorce, drink, drugs & psychiatric units this woman certainly packed it all in.

A woman who died tragically at 36 years of age but still went through three husbands!

The “sex symbol” tag that’s associated with her certainly came out in her ability to pose for the camera & her constant willingness to promote her cleavage in what she wore !

I’ve just picked a few images that link her in with the fashion world we live in today ! The tuille skirt, LBD & the pencil skirt.  

Most of what she is pictured in is dresses or skirts and it seems she was a love of the halternecks. I do think the white dress pictured below is nice the way it tucks in around the mid riff & the way the skirt falls! Not too much just nicely.

Her three quarter lengths look big on her but yet nicely teemed with the classic black polo ! They are definitely high waisted but there doesn’t seem to be a zip – maybe a button to the side. Her waist was tiny (jealous much) !

I can’t say I have much in common with her except one thing … And I think she is famous for a quote regarding her favourite scent. Its mine too !

I’ll finish this post n her birthday with one of her quotes we could all do with hearing in our inner ear every now & again.

 First day of summer ladies,  Bank Holiday Monday and rain teaming down.  Hope you enjoyed the read.


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