Payday Pennies – May

This month for Payday Pennies I’m picking what we commonly refer to as the “satchel bag” … why so because I hear you ask.

Simply because over time when I’ve piped up “pass me my bag there will you” I’ve been met with phrases such as “Jesus what have you in there?”, “the weight of that” and “Christ I couldn’t carry that around”

Bear in mind this is all being directed at the one who has desperate neck problems and goes around every day fearing a reocurance or a worsening of such problems.

So whats in the bag making it so heavy, its not the kitchen sink ! The heaviest things in my bag are the Ipad, the notebook and the bottle of water.  Take those three things out and I’d have a reasonable weight to cope with and considering when I’m out and about with the boys I tend to go for the cross body because it leaves me with two hands free – for crossing roads and the likes !

So I’m thinking to myself if I had a bag in the car for “other items”.  I’m laughing to myself here thinking that the bag for “other items” would probably be a suitcase with wheels by Christmas !  I’m laughing even louder when I realise I’m saying to myself that – wouldn’t that be handy for hiding all the new shoes or bits and bobs from himself when I get home after being let out !

Right back to the point ! The bag in the car – you know the one.  Nice and tidy and all organised and new and ready to be put into action. This way you can just take in & out what you need & when you need it


As I’m picking these bags out I’m thinking to myself that these are way too nice to be kept in the car … A viscous circle ! Big bag – loads of stuff – heavy on the shoulder !

There’s no winning ladies is there ?

Hope you enjoyed the read, E 

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