Lancôme Evening @ CH Tralee

Last week I popped myself off to Tralee when the three men in my life were otherwise occupied !

I wanted to pop into a great friend who’s laid up in hospital for her birthday (she’s doing great by the way). If you’re ever wondering what to bring someone in hospital who has regular visitors which means they have books, magazines, lucozade & grapes to feed the parish why not bring something useful ! She can’t do her nails, light a smelly candle or spray her perfume !

So I put my thinking cap on and came up with shampoo, conditioner & even a dry shampoo. I know she loves her earrings so for a treat I bought her a little pair to cheer her day !

While I was free I popped myself down to @CHChemists to a Lancôme a Beauty evening, to be perfectly honest I’m not into these evenings all that much but because it was for the hospice I felt it was a good cause as my husband has two sisters who have passed away from the dreaded C. And in fairness for an entry fee of a €5er I think I could manage it !

Treats of wine, sweeties & chocolates greeted all. The CH girls were buzzing around doing they’re thing & happily posing for the media !

  Night kicked off with fun & games “quick fire buzzer round” with Helen from the Lancôme counter @CH, Danny from Changes Hair Salon in Listowel & @MaryODonnell Beauty winning prizes on behalf of the audience.

After the fun and games we heard from Danny who gave a really good insight into all things hair related.  The evening was so informal that ladies from the audience went up on stage and he spoke to all of us about their hair.  I wish I had the liathroidi but he could have talked about my limp hair all night so I’d save others having to listen.  He also owns and runs The Kerry Hair & Wig Co in Tralee which is of great help to those who have hair loss after cancer treatment.

 Next we heard from Mary and Helen about the different Lancome products which are all the buzz at the moment and their new summer lippy which has just been launched called Shine Lover.  We talked about Serums and Balms and face wash and all things beauty. 

At the end of the evening we went downstairs where people mingled among the products and talked and got advice from the girls.  Samantha and Mary were on hand to answer everyones questions.

There were raffle tickets earlier in the night for two fabulous prizes of a Lancome gift basket.  Needless to say I didn’t have any success but there was a 10% discount on all Lancome products on the night and a lovely gift bag for all.


For the sake of a fiver, some time out alone and for a really worthy cause, it was a lovely night out and the dishes were done and the children were asleep when I landed home.

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