Just June

Over the past few days I’ve realised that once the 1st of June comes my mind suddenly takes on a whole new, sometimes panic ridden, state of mind ! 📆

It starts with a mental note of remembering to send one & only Sis a birthday card ! This year the boys drew her their fave Tipp players ! Bonner & Bubbles featured highly ! They love to draw especially when they can choose what to draw ! Colouring something for the Obair Bhaile doesn’t bring as much satisfaction ! ✏️

Then the mental note changes somewhat. The school holidays are in three weeks time !

1. Will the knees in the trousers last another three weeks ?

2. What summer camps will they do ? Will they be knackered & crazy if they do two weeks in a row?

cul camps Lets  go ghaeltacht

3. Will the zip in his lunch bag last ?

4. Will the vests see it out ?

5. When are they going back to school ?

For those who aren’t teachers by profession themselves sometimes the thoughts of the summer holidays can be quite daunting. Even for those who only work part time ! Like in this house neither of us are free all summer long ! Of course how I wish I could be but the cookie just didn’t crumble that way !

So once we’ve decided what camps they’ll do then we (hubby & I) will take alternate weeks off !

The eldest wants to see Croke Park Museum ! He’s 7 ! Will we tie it in with a match ? When is the Munster a Final on ? Hurling or Football he replies ! Oh Jesus how am I going to sort it all out in my head !

 My boys don’t have school uniforms and I am fully  aware that the point in their lives where they will refuse point blank to put on anything other than a tracksuit is not far off so I like to keep them in a trousers or even jeans even for four days of the week at school. Now we’re at the time of the year where I’m willing them to last until the last school bell.

As for the vests.  Come on what mother has a good relationship with kids vests.  I can’t cope, they stretch, they pull, they fade, the hem rips and the threads hang out.  Doesn’t matter where you buy them, Dunnes, Penny’s, Heatons, M&S, it happens them all. So mid winter I find myself asking the question – are these providing heat. They are in their ass ! Last week in August you’ll find me in search of my yearly supply of vests.

 Weren’t the R&D people in Pennys up bright and early when they got in the good old body warmers at a cheap and cheerful 8 quid compared to the prices in the Sports Shops.  I will admit we bought them – tops and leggings – for rugby in the winter but we quickly got more use out of them.  They’re a godsend and even these days when they don’t want to wear coats just sleeveless hoodies at least when they have their body warmers on I feel there some bit warm.

We have two weddings between now and the 1st of August.  I think I’m sorted for a “frock” for both.  One on his side of the family and one on mine ! Who’s going to mind the kids these days.  I have Nan and Grandad sorted for one but they’re going to the other wedding.  Right.  Thinking cap on again.

Weddings equals fake tan, hair and makeup.  All going to be homemade but I am on the lookout for the “in” shade of pink nail varnish that I’ve spotted lately.  Who’ll find that for me because I certainly not going to find it in good old Ballydavid.

Need Navy court shoes.  Have you any idea ladies how hard it is to get a good pair of Navy leather heels ! Right need to sort that too.
I think I’ve thought enough about what I need to think about over the next three months.

 All I have to do now is sail smoothly through it.

Wish me luck !


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