Fathers Day

So here it is … right at us …next Sunday lunch time !

Lets be realistic about this whole thing and oh ya … before I get carried away I am not for one minute suggesting that Fathers, Dad’s, Daddy’s, Grandads, Male Carers call them what you like do not deserve as much “buttering up” as us female folk.

Whats the difference I hear you ask.  Well women need pampering don’t they ! We were born with a retail Therapy gene that needs nurturing ! Ha ! That’s it.  I’ve finally solved it.  A retail therapy gene that needs nurturing.  Its like giving your body the vitamin every morning or your hair the conditioner to untangle the mane !

Were it not for the 2 boys in our house well Fathers Day would be and still is for my own Dad of course, but you can be certain that I’d use it as an excuse to go out for Sunday lunch with hubby. Now it’s more for the children isn’t it – they want to make their Dad’s and their Grandads feel special. And sometimes their company is all that’s wanted.

Personalised leather wallet from Littlewoods for €21

Personalised Wallet – Littlewoods

A bedtime tipple glass for Grandad

A bedtime tipple glass for Grandad

I digress.  Men – does he really need another shirt (for you to iron), or another t-shirt,  runners, phone, manbag or watch. Well maybe he does and it’s the perfect gift for you and your brood to produce. And that’s fine too.

Children can make Dad’s feel special without ever being material.  I smile to myself as I think of my own house – Sunday is Dads sleep in morning.  They’ll be in at all hours with their cards and he’ll just have to sit up and take note.  I’ll just bury my head in the pillow and smile because this man loves his Sunday morning.

There’s no need to spend a bomb on Dad’s.  Something Novel is just as good.


Often Grandad’s have all the material possessions on Fathers Day and a visit from the kids and Grandkids is just enough. Others don’t have theirs with them any longer.  Spare a thought for them.  I read an article the other day where a lady wondered why we just shouldn’t call it Parents Day as she is a go it alone Mum.  I paused for thought.  She had a point.

My own father hasn’t time for Fathers Day, he’s off to the match ! But we’ll see him later on that evening and we’ll make a card and have it ready.  Granted with the day that’s in it the cards will probably feature Bubbles and Bonner !

Now to see what they’ll do for thier own Dad.  I better put my thinking cap on !


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