Ditching the Porridge for the Summer Hols

Bricfeasta – the most important meal of the day they say.  Over the past few days I’ve found myself saying to himself – getting sick of this porridge.  I’m looking down it and all I’m getting back is “Nah” !

I can safely say I’ve had porridge 300 out of the last 365 days and I’m usually good to spruce it up.  I am the traditional type when it comes to porridge.  Make it with water the night before and leave it steeping.  I always add something to my porridge, whether it’s fruit or Granola or a few Chia seeds.  I must admit I’m gone off grapes lately.

Now the kids get holidays on Monday, life will be a “little” bit more relaxed.  Note I stress the word little.  I’ll probably be tearing my hair out by 1st August.

So here are just a few alternatives I’m going to try and include for himself and the two boys over the next few weeks (10 weeks to be exact ! I get a shiver just typing it !)

For starters, especially at weekends the boys in our house will be gone down the stairs before I’m out of the shower ! I’ve given you a run down on himself in the morning on my Fathers Day piece so forget that  ! Read it here https://onlychickinthehouse.com/2015/06/18/fathers-day/ Enough said ! I do like to let the odd roar for them to eat before they head outdoors.  Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.  I have seen the small lad hold an apple between his teeth kicking the ball out of his had before 7.30a.m.

1.  Get the kids involved in making a smoothie the night before.  At least if they pour a glass before they head out you know they have something on board.  We’re loving watermelon, strawberries and blueberries in our house at the moment.  Sometimes I put in a drop of Almond Milk.

Watermelon, Strawberry & Blueberry Smoothie

Watermelon, Strawberry & Blueberry Smoothie

2. Blitz some Raspberries with some natural yougurt, pour into a bowl and top with sliced banana and Chia Seeds (I love this one )

3.  For a weekend treat or late breakfast try this novel way with your rashers and eggs.  How impressed would your in-laws be when they’re on hols when you produce this ! Grill some mushrooms and spinach on the side.

Use your ramekin dish for this one.  Very easy to do

Use your ramekin dish for this one. Very easy to do

4.  Scrambled Egg on a slice of McCambridge toasted is always nice I think.  Grill some tomatoes.  I often have it for lunch.

5.  Another treat, which the boys love, is a toasted pancake (the small ones) with some Nutella spread on top.

6.  Finally there’s always a cereal box in  the back of the press and admit it they do come in handy for children.  Just read the label and make sure you choose wisely.

Would love to hear any other breakfast ideas you have for kids over the holidays.


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