Where is my energy gone ?

You know what I nearly called this post “Just Fu**ed !

Where is my energy gone ! Thought the shagging day would never end ! I feel like I’ve been wearing high heels, slugging Heineken and dancing all at the same time since last Thursday morning. Just like the good old days eh !!! I’m laughing !

At 41 years of age I’m wondering is this it … Stamina gone, the willpower non existent -never again to be the last one standing 😟

So last Thursday was a busy day-  first work, getting the tan AND the nails AND the children AND ironing his shirt AND washing AND dinners AND just being a mother done but hell I got a full nights sleep ! Check  ✅✅✅✅✅

Friday off to the wedding ! Wasn’t sure how the day would go but hell if was a great day ! Not a drop to drink … Didn’t even wet my lips and I’m nearly glad I didn’t because if I did I’d say I wouldn’t have surfaced yet. I see from social media today some of the “gang” managed night no 3. Makes me shiver !

I drove home from the wedding -70 minute drive ! 3am in the door – felt great Saturday morning. Delighted with myself in fact- had breakfast in town at Dingles latest eatery the Greys Lane Bistro.

Apple & Cinammon Pancakes

Collected the kids, few groceries, passed the day grand nothing serious ! In fact had a great 💤💤 for hour and half. Early night Saturday night ! Couldn’t even tell you what Miriam had on style wise and I always usually just check in case it’s awesome !

Sunday – I’m one of three on the Coiste (Committee) for what was the inaugural year of the Pláta Práta Competition run in conjunction with the final of the Spud Off Mór Competition down in the village so I was flat out all day !


The winning Dish

Great turn out in the Marquee and a great day ! 2 bottles of Coors light … A three hour break and 2 more bottles of Coors Light.

Monday … Oh Jesus … Wrecked, tired, cranky, no appetite, weary, shagged, hanging, not an ounce !

No hangover … In fact no nothing ! Small headache. Kids started GAA camp. Went to work, you know what, it was most productive part of my day! Was so glad the weather was bad this evening and I’m usually not that kind at all but hell – Fire on, DVD into the playroom, popcorn produced and I just flaked out … Stretched across the couch in my dressing gown and a blanket over me ! Dehydrated – I could feel it ! I usually get very close to 2 litres a day but it’s only now I realise I didn’t hit it since Friday ! I knew it !

Making the Chicken Fajitas was a Trojan battle !

Now the three of them are asleep and this picture sums it all up


Today if you asked me to write a Blog I’d probably have passed out at your feet  & I wouldn’t mind but I’ve a few interesting ones coming up.

Could make for a long night !

E, x

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