Now we’re at Golf – What next

So my wonderful two boys are football mad … or should I say sports mad.  The eldest cannot cope with wet weather.  Outdoors with a ball or a hurley as much as he can.

Now we have an addition … GOLF.  The one sport I can’t get a handle on or to be truthful is it because I don’t want to get a handle on it.  It always seems a sport that was boring to me .. too slow … not moving fast enough.  A one man team as it were.  Compare it to hurling.. speed, skill and teamwork. So for me it doesn’t compare !

So they advertised a 6 week stint for an hour on Tuesday afternoons for 5-12 year olds.  I thought about it, put it to himself, we thought about it,  I sent out feelers to the young guns and immediately they were on for it because Jackie next door can be seen shining his golf clubs every Sunday so off we went back to our local club, Ceann Sibeal.

To say they are loving it is an understatement.

 I have a funny past experience with a golf ball.  Long ago there was a Pitch & Putt Club in Dingle town and being the big sister I am I was on the green ready with the flag at the hole for my brothers shot … I got the ball on the head.  The rest is history.


I was afraid there would be high swinging of the Clubs, Golf Balls ending up in someones front lawn in Gorta Dubha or the like but no we are very disciplined seemingly.  Liam from the Golfing Academy of Ireland arrives every Tuesday afternoon and coaches the young lads at their practice grounds next to the club.

The 6 weeks is up now and we finished off with a party and a decision taken to continue with another 6 weeks and have been offered a reduced membership for the rest of the year.  A great initiative by the people down at the club.  The boys are delighted   Their Dad wants to buy them clubs ! Please nooooo .  Can we just not keep the clubs bit for when they are at the Club I hear myself whispering to myself.


If you think you’d like to try it if you are around contact them.  If you’re on holidays in West Kerry its a great few hours enjoyment for the family.

I’m delighted too because Dad takes them and I get an hour and a half to MYSELF


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