SPÁ Atlantach – Seaweed Baths

So lets be truthful I’ve known this new Spa is in the making for the past few months & it’s the one Blog post I’ve been looking forward to writing.

Well boy was I pleasantly suprised. Doors were opened last weekend and the story quickly went around the village that the “place over” was fab.

 So the lads went to an U21 game on Friday evening and I took myself off for a visit to Christiana who I was reliably informed would spend the evening spoiling me.  Gorgeous tones of walnuts and sand colour interiors complimented by the whiff of scented candles and cleverly designed interiors.  Mirrored doors bringing the outside back inside and unrivaled views of the Wild Atlantic Way.  The buzz word in the west of Ireland at the moment and right on our back door step.


Evening Sunset view from the SPA in Baile na nGall

In I went & clad myself in a luxurious white robe and proceeded to the bath. Seaweed in a bucket of hot water at 45deg greeted me which was added to a bath of warm water to which I adjusted to suit myself. Single or double bath experience available if you want to bring himself along for the “time together”

icon_1_image_x16 spa1IMG_1346 (3)

Christiana reliable informed me of the benefits of seaweed, of which there are many, most notably that it takes the bad shit out and lets the good stuff in.  The vitamins and minerals that we get from the seaweed. Christiana works with products from the Irish Company Green Angel and has power shots or scrubs available to either relax, rejuvenate or treat problem skin available.  Other Green Angel products are available to buy also.


Green Angel Products available for Sale

20 mins is the minimum one should give themselves to get the metabolism working and boy it sure does. The steam from the water, the moisturising properties or the seaweed on the skin, the calming music and fabulous & spectacular ceiling lights that glimmer and change colour all make it one hell of a feel good experience. I just loved the taste of the sea water when I licked my lips.


Amazing ceiling feature that changes colour as you enjoy your Seaweed experience

As she says herself its like floating in the Atlantic – just warmer ! 

From my bath I crossed the hall for my back neck & shoulder massage. Christiana’s wealth of knowledge in all things “body beneficial” astounded me ! She brings her experience from the top SPA resorts of Austria right here to our own doorstep and can offer

✅ Reflexology

✅ Hot & Cold Stone Massage

✅ Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Π Dorn Therapy – to locate and ease back-problems, straighten up the spine.  A special technique to push back the parts of the spine to their original positions for a straighter back.

Head Massage, Masssage to balance the Chakras, clear the head, Detoxing, Energising, Strengthening you name it, all sorts.

Christiana has a huge amount of experience. It is not expensive and great value for money.

Luxury, feel good factor and benefits to ones well being all in one ! I for one will definitely be back for more.


Tomás picking seaweed in Muirioch back in March to use in the garden as feed for his veg !

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