Geleration Nails

So off I go as part of my wedding prep to The Peninsula Spa at the Dingle Skellig Hotel.

I will say at the offset that the last time I had my nails done was for my only brothers wedding back in April 13 and that was just a polish. I am in fact a gel nails virgin. I usually put on a coat quickly if I’m going somewhere and pray it doesn’t smudge between the room and the car

My curiosity was high with all the media hype & talk lately about nails so I said here goes. I’m going to try one of these babies out … Shellac’s, Geleration and all such the likes.  I’m not into long or sparkly or neon colours or diamonds on my baby fingers – just a polish would suffice.

I was apprehensive about getting the nails done because there’s nothing wrong with my own nails.  They are quite good to be fair and even if I may say so myself pleasing to the eye ! I thank the Vitamin B12 !  I have heard and read that they really can damage your nails.  Eimear was quick to reassure me that it won’t happen.  Its my first time ever doing them and if I was doing them all the time they might eventually make the nails weaker.

Geleration Nail Colours

Geleration Nail Colours

Off I go and the lovely Eimear leads me in and proceeds to clean, file, buff, shape and all sorts to my nails.  Then she tells me she’s applying a coat of clear varnish which helps the Gel to stick to the nails.  I was wearing Red to the wedding so I choose the Dynamic colour.  I had been in the week before to make my appointment and we had chosen the colour from the swabs below.

Gel nails 2

After I got the first coat and all subsequent coats I put my fingers under the infra red (blue!!) gizmo as seen in the picture.

Gel nails 1

Gel nails 4

The finished product. Just after being done !

Gel nails 3

One week on, still perfect

So in true Elaine style I’ve reached a point where these nails just have to come off. They’ve served their time and its time to move on so I present myself back to get them removed.  I genuinely thought it would be a 5 minute process, cotton wool, nail varnish remover, bit of moisturieser and off I toddle but too my suprise my nails are first soaked in a softening solution, wrapped in damp cotton wool, followed by a layer of tinfoil and into a hot mitt for 10 mins.tinfoil1

This process helps to take the gel polish off easier,  Eimear just gently scraped the polish off and it came off no problemo. An oil rubbed to the cuticles to renoursih ! Nails can dry out with constant use of gel nails but I genuinely haven’t this problem.  No chips or weak nails either so for an occasion I would definitely try it again.  Nails do grow quickly with gel nails so after the two weeks the regrowth was becoming event.

All in all a great product.  And better than fake nails by a long shot.

Go for it … Be brave

Elaine x

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