Beauty & the Blogger

In my humble opinion … For what it’s worth
Evening lovely ladies … So I’ve been at this blogging craic for just over 6 months ✏️ Have been quite for a few weeks but will be back✏️ and after a few days of telling myself I really need to clear out the drawers in my ensuite today I finally got around to it … My God ladies the amount of beauty products that have accumulated (foc might I add) is simply unbelievable. I’m now wondering if the Fear an Phoist thinks I’m smuggling ufo’s in the back door !

Bearing in mind that I started this caper (blogging that is and not smuggling) in order to connect with other Moms who like me … Either have a house full of men and no daily dose of ‘pink” or simply want to enjoy or indulge in all things nice in their own spare time (sitting on the toilet in a hide for some of us – ha!)
Some days I open the post and wow yes that smells lovely can’t wait to try it vibes or … Phew that’s strong what’s in that … Did I ever even think packaging could have such a positive or negative effect on me ! Some things that don’t interest me at all ! I have learnt one thing though – sticky hand cream does not float my boat !

Did I ever realise that the beauty industry is bursting at the seams with all sorts and 40 shades of contouring for this or that. There are surely people employed by the big beauty brands to do nothing but send out sample product.

Down here in the back ass of this beautiful county do I really give a shit about which shade of charcoal eye liner gel goes with a particular number makeup brush … Puleassse … If the gang around here saw me with eyeshadow they’d think … Where’s she going ! Whereas in thinking I’m diva of the day if I’ve managed it … And with a sweep of my finger across my eyelid at that !
Am I ranting … I didn’t mean to … I guess it’s just I didn’t realise there was soooo much out there …. Don’t get me wrong I do love my cosmetics and potion and lotion myself as much as the rest of you !

Beauty bloggers must have a field day! I must admit I do love when a Bloggers Goodie Bag has something a bit different, for example we got samples of the tasty Solaris Tea at a recent event and cone on what Momma doesn’t love her cupán take !

So yes ladies I’ve discovered some real gems, flung out some serious shit and anything I haven’t opened I’ve put all to one side for a big giveaway before Xmas … Your pressie to yourself …. Watch this space beautiful people.

Next clean out job … The hot press and I really don’t think you want a blog post on that mess !

Elaine, x

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