Salmon and Potato Gratin

I hit one of those moments this morning when I decided I was sick of making the same ole same ole for dinner.  So after a of browsing and concocting in my head I’ve come up with this dish.  Its currently in the oven.  Here’s hoping I get it all down on paper as it were before I’m called away by hungry little men.


3 salmon fillets

4 large potatoes (I used Roosters)

Few florets of brocolli

Cup of frozen peas

1 veg stock cube dissolved in 150 mls of water

Some grated cheese to sprinkle over the top.


The recipe I found had cream in it so I knew my boys wouldn’t go with that so I used about three heaped desertspoonfuls of Philadelphia Garlic and Herb Cooking sauce instead.



  1.  Dissolve your stock cube in water so it can be cooling.
  2. Peel and slice the spuds into about 5mm thickness, bring to the boil and then leave simmer for 5 mins.  Watch the time here – because they’re sliced so thinly they cook quite quickly.  Strain


Place a layer of the sliced spuds on the end of pyrex dish,  scatter with brocolli and peas.  I suppose you could add any veg you like.  Spread the salmon over the top and layer with a final layer of spuds.



The stock cube in water should be cooled a little by now.  Add in the Philadelphia cooking sauce and stir for a few minutes to combine.  Pour over the contents of the pyrex dish.




Sprinkle with grated cheese

Into oven 190 degrees – 50 mins to an hour.

Pray they eat it .





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