Apple and Blackberry Pie

With the spell of an Indian Summer showing we had a wonderful Sunday morning lately out picking the Smeara Dubha (Blackberries) so here’s just a short post on our results.

Firstly just to say after a bit of research I discovered that the little black fruits are packed full of antioxidants and vitamin C.  While the tiny seeds are packed full of fibre and salicylates which is a group of analgesics that include the active ingredient in Aspirin … so next time the kids are up your back don’t reach for the coffee …. throw back a handful of blackberries. …

Obviously the blackberries we got are wild but you can buy them frozen in most supermarkets.  According to my local expert in Blackberry picking If picking them wild its best to pick them off the main road as sometimes they may be open to fumes from traffic … so climb over that field gate and head off.  YOu’ll soon begin to see the differnce between a small not so ripe Blackberry and a nice plump one.  The rounder and plumpier the better,  more juice and flavour but if you need to buy in the shop just check the end of the punnet isn’t to squishy looking with stains from burst berries.

They freeze brilliantly.  I just pop them in a tubberware box and take them out as I need them.  Make sure to always wash the berries.  Personally I think they are a fragile fruit so I just rinse through gently with a sieve.

Here’s our take on Apple and Blackberry Pie


8oz Plain flour

4oz butter  

150ml cold water approx

4 large cooking apples

Handful blackberries 

iLittle sugar to sweeten the apples


1. add the softened butter to the flour and mix untilmit resembles fine breadcrumbs. 

2. gradually add water bit by bit until lit starts to come together 


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