The Separation Anxiety inflicted on Me by Me as a result of my New Years resolutions 

As we head into night three of 2016 I just have to tell you about how the first night went ! You will know from my blog post on NYE that one of my big things was to leave the technology downstairs from now on to give the head a rest ! See that post here

As I tucked myself up in my leaba I realised I hadn’t checked the weather App … I use Weather Pro on my phone.  It’s so detailed and accurate with the weather here I’ve just realised that checking it is part of my bedtime ritual … Addicted to a weather App that’s been telling me nothing but mm of rainfall for the past month ! Not good 😉

Jesus it’s very bright did I leave the light on outside … Out I get, light off but the Christmas star in the back garden that’s on a timer to go off an hour ago is still leading Santa safely home … Getting restless ! Thinking I must remember to add something to a Blog Post I started earlier in the day … I’ll put a note in my phone … Lean over no phone ! Oh oh 😙

I’m also thinking about an event I’m involved in organising in early February. I must email the hotel … I’ll put a note in my phone. What day of the week is Paddys day? I’ll check my phone !





I’m thinking of the stove downstairs that’s not doing its job since its been installed ! HIS baby not mine ! We now have an antenna type chimney pipe soaring into the sky that’s letting in water … I’m trying to count to 10 … LETTING IN WATER and he reckons it’s a thing of nothing … 1, 2, 3, …. I opened it to add fuel earlier and the puff of smoke would have killed a small baby not to mind send me heaving backwards with the cough ! He’s so pissed off with it but won’t give in just yet.

OH … Just thought of a new blog post ! Where’s my phone I must jot down a few ideas in the notes section ! No phone



So by now you’ve got the moral of my story ! What did we ever do without the good old I Phone which we use for messages, emails, calendar, writing the shopping list, social media, playing Sudoku and checking the Weather.

My mobile office

What happened in the good old days, no instant messages, no checking the weather or emailing a query somewhere. Were they better off with the amount of headspace they had that we don’t !

What about Gerry Google, the best teacher, advisor, doctor etc that I’ve ever ever met ! I remember reading a while back that we get as much information in a day that our grandparents did in a lifetime ! At that I would be of the opinion that I learnt an awful lot from my Gran.

So here’s to Night #3 …

Send me some good karma to help me Sleep

Oiche Mhaith & coladh sámh

One thought on “The Separation Anxiety inflicted on Me by Me as a result of my New Years resolutions 

  1. Oh god. Your a tonic for my soul right now. Keep me laughing please. My breathing hurt today i missed my mom so much. But you have bought the smile back with the chimney contraption belonging to himself. Oh please. Just another paragraph and I’ll sleep soundly.I promise!!!! Lol. ❤


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