Do you do the January Sales ?

Do you do the January Sales ?  Are you one of those people who waits with baited breadth to head out the door after spending the month of December in the shops ?  Will you stand in a queue for hours just so you can pick up that bargain ?  Quite simple I’m not ! In fact the thought of it makes be shudder (probably because I’d have three males trooping on behind me). Shortly after Santa arrived I spotted the Snapchats of queues of cars & people heading to the Sales (in the rain). More shuddering 😜

While we all like our shopping and browsing we’ve probably satisfied with the few things we got for Christmas. Hands up I only had two or three things on my wish list and I was able to hint and direct the three boys in the right direction here in Dingle .  I got the Grey Cape but I’ve spotted the red since. It’s really lovely. Check out La Boheme on FB or here

 For the past two years I haven’t gone near the shops in January and February ! There’s nothing happening, there’s nothing going on and feckit if there is – there’s plenty in the wardrobe that will suffice. One of my “down” points when it comes to shopping is I don’t try anything on … Like the look of it, need it, think I need it or want it: its in the bag ! Considering I live in such a remote “shopping area”, even though we do have two great boutiques in Dingle, and Internet shopping from the comfort of your own bedroom is so easy where you can try on in your own time is becoming ever increasingly popular.

All that said why have I the itch this year to have a peek ! Here’s just a few I’ve spotted while browsing on line

Therapy for Girls is a shop in Midelton in Cork. They’re nothing only a tease on Snapchat these days. I want it all. They have a super sale. Well three or four bits 😉 Anyone who knows me well knows I’m partial to B&W.  They will do postage to anywhere as well – trust me I know ! Ha !  They are at Market  Green Shopping Centre in Midleton and have a great FB page.




Who doesn’t need, want or have a good white shirt or blouse ? Stiff neck, V neck, round neck, collar less ! You just can’t beat them. Inside a blazer, fitted on its own with a high waisted tailored trousers.   In the office with an A line skirt. I’m teaming it here with a nude or beige piece because Spring is coming. Thinking beyond black. I’ve taken all four of these images from Pinterest.




I love the Ralph Lauren one because if you look closely you will see that the front is buttoned at a diagonal from left shoulder to right hip.  A very flattering fit for those carrying weight around the tummy.




Do I start with the Cape or start with the designer ? Marion Murphy Cooney is The Design Atelier based in my hometown of Nenagh. I follow her social media like a teenager with a crush. A fantastic Irish Designer who will do custom made pieces for all the lovely ladies and who also has up to date on trend affordable pieces. You will regularly see her pieces featured on TV programmes such as Expose, Ireland AM & the likes. She had also featured at Kerry Fashion Week.  Marion is on all social media or check the website out here


Leopard Print is either for you or not! For me it’s a hint of the wild creature that appeals. A leopard print belt with all black. Your leopard print shoes or boots with all black, a Federo with a nice warm coat – red at Christmas maybe. Back to the Cape. I didn’t realise until I listened to Elaine when I was planning my own Christmas Day outfit (corny but you know what I mean) that there are different styles shapes and sizes. Some have a savage amount of material. This one here from Marion at The Design Atelier is so classy, neat, tidy, and on trend. The structured shoulders add a touch of feminine and shape definition. I love it.

These runners are from Penny’s. While I might not wear them pounding the roads for an hour I would certainly cope with strolling to the beach with the lads wearing these.
That’s my little take on the January Sales or my picks . Bit of an unusual one for me but I hope you enjoyed it.

Lots to whet the appetite for the Spring ladies, don’t you think !

Happy Browsing,




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