Its May Day – Where have I been ?

I won’t lie, I’d say the last time I sat down to write was the post on my New Years Resolution … Oh ya … January.  Where has the time gone?  What have I been doing?  I will admit I have pages, notebooks even full of notes and ideas.  Sometimes I think if God forbid, I dropped dead tomorrow my poor husband wouldn’t make any sense of the pages of circled words, paragraphs, ideas for pictures or the like.  Granted the laptop is on its last legs and the end of the world is not the ideal place to get a good reception.

Speaking of the end of the world,  its where I live and you know its what has prompted me to get back at it.  We’ve had so much going on in the last 2 months around West Kerry I think the season just landed on us.  We’ve had an influx of the Star Wars people,  every ounce of available accommodation seems to be mopped up and along with that we’ve just waved Goodbye to the Top Gear guys who were on the Peninsula filming.  Check out my Instagram post of Matt Le Blanc giving me the ‘ol wink & wave !

This weekend we have our annual Feile na Bealtaine festival.  The children are taking part in the street parade throughout the town this afternoon and have been busy at Scoil preparing their costumes, a real culmination of colour and artistic ability.  And obviously if topped off with fine weather everyone’s spirits are lifted so start praying the fog I’m looking out at will lift within the next two hours or so.  Himself took part in the Dingle Peninsula Cycle Challenge yesterday as part of the Feile.  Unfortunately my surgery put a halt to training on a bike but there’s always next year god willing.

Add to that that I’ve picked up a few hours work, I’ve started a new correspondence course and with the lads activities rocking and rolling everyday there isn’t time to fit much more in.  As I type here there are balls hopping off the roof over my head.  If you see a lorry with slates landing you’ll know what it is …. Last weekend we had the Dingle Running and Fitness Festival which was a huge success and fun for all the family.  You should really check it out if you’re part of an active family!  Top all that off with the fact that I am determined to master homemade bolognese sauce since I’ve been watching Karen the Kenmare Foodie

Saying all that the spuds are set, the clothes are back out on the line, there’s a spring in our step.  Not sure if there is anything big going on in town next weekend but I have a nice hike and trip planned for the boys weather permitting.   Watch this space for more of the old regulars back and some fun things to do in our beautiful county now that the summer is approaching.


E, x

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