Our trip to Dingle Ocean World 


OW8 (2)

We were waiting eagerly for a few weeks for Ocean World to open for the New Season as we (the boys really) knew there was a new exhibition and the guessing game started every time we passed in the car ! They were watching the door like Hawks from the back seat so off we headed on their recent open day.  OW6

From the outset they loved it -granted they have been there before but that doesn’t change the wonder and awe of all the different sea life species. From the Sharks to the Penguins, the Otters and the Sharks they learn something new every time.

This time round they loved the Tortoise or is he a turtle ? As they get older there’s always something else that interests them. I suppose learning about Antartic Explorer Tom Crean in Scoil gave them a huge interest in the Penguins room and seeing the video of the Antartic made it near to impossible to drag the older fella away 😀 The creepy crawlies just freaked me.


The staff there are so knowledgable and interact with the kids – they got to hold the Star Fish and learned all about it and were on hand to answer any questions the kids had.  OW3

This years new otter exhibit takes it outdoors with seating areas and lads a room for buggies. As you continue on through the experience one walks through a glass tunnel fish tank which is amazing and from there on passed the resident pirate and out into the shop. Beyond that you can have a coffee in the cafe or the kids can gave their face painted.


Family rates are available and you can also get an all day pass and call back at the different feeding times.  Car park is just across the road.  Kids or no kids Oceanworld is someplace you must visit if you are touring the Dingle Peninsula.





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