Do you do the January Sales ?

Do you do the January Sales ?  Are you one of those people who waits with baited breadth to head out the door after spending the month of December in the shops ?  Will you stand in a queue for hours just so you can pick up that bargain ?  Quite simple I’m not ! In fact the thought of it makes be shudder (probably because I’d have three males trooping on behind me). Shortly after Santa arrived I spotted the Snapchats of queues of cars & people heading to the Sales (in the rain). More shuddering 😜

While we all like our shopping and browsing we’ve probably satisfied with the few things we got for Christmas. Hands up I only had two or three things on my wish list and I was able to hint and direct the three boys in the right direction here in Dingle .  I got the Grey Cape but I’ve spotted the red since. It’s really lovely. Check out La Boheme on FB or here

 For the past two years I haven’t gone near the shops in January and February ! There’s nothing happening, there’s nothing going on and feckit if there is – there’s plenty in the wardrobe that will suffice. One of my “down” points when it comes to shopping is I don’t try anything on … Like the look of it, need it, think I need it or want it: its in the bag ! Considering I live in such a remote “shopping area”, even though we do have two great boutiques in Dingle, and Internet shopping from the comfort of your own bedroom is so easy where you can try on in your own time is becoming ever increasingly popular.

All that said why have I the itch this year to have a peek ! Here’s just a few I’ve spotted while browsing on line

Therapy for Girls is a shop in Midelton in Cork. They’re nothing only a tease on Snapchat these days. I want it all. They have a super sale. Well three or four bits 😉 Anyone who knows me well knows I’m partial to B&W.  They will do postage to anywhere as well – trust me I know ! Ha !  They are at Market  Green Shopping Centre in Midleton and have a great FB page.




Who doesn’t need, want or have a good white shirt or blouse ? Stiff neck, V neck, round neck, collar less ! You just can’t beat them. Inside a blazer, fitted on its own with a high waisted tailored trousers.   In the office with an A line skirt. I’m teaming it here with a nude or beige piece because Spring is coming. Thinking beyond black. I’ve taken all four of these images from Pinterest.




I love the Ralph Lauren one because if you look closely you will see that the front is buttoned at a diagonal from left shoulder to right hip.  A very flattering fit for those carrying weight around the tummy.




Do I start with the Cape or start with the designer ? Marion Murphy Cooney is The Design Atelier based in my hometown of Nenagh. I follow her social media like a teenager with a crush. A fantastic Irish Designer who will do custom made pieces for all the lovely ladies and who also has up to date on trend affordable pieces. You will regularly see her pieces featured on TV programmes such as Expose, Ireland AM & the likes. She had also featured at Kerry Fashion Week.  Marion is on all social media or check the website out here


Leopard Print is either for you or not! For me it’s a hint of the wild creature that appeals. A leopard print belt with all black. Your leopard print shoes or boots with all black, a Federo with a nice warm coat – red at Christmas maybe. Back to the Cape. I didn’t realise until I listened to Elaine when I was planning my own Christmas Day outfit (corny but you know what I mean) that there are different styles shapes and sizes. Some have a savage amount of material. This one here from Marion at The Design Atelier is so classy, neat, tidy, and on trend. The structured shoulders add a touch of feminine and shape definition. I love it.

These runners are from Penny’s. While I might not wear them pounding the roads for an hour I would certainly cope with strolling to the beach with the lads wearing these.
That’s my little take on the January Sales or my picks . Bit of an unusual one for me but I hope you enjoyed it.

Lots to whet the appetite for the Spring ladies, don’t you think !

Happy Browsing,




Estée Lauder

A woman I know very little about – other than she must be a millionaire with the empire she has build around her beauty products.

She began as a beauty therapist after concocting a face cream made by her Chemist Uncle and sold them locally around New York with the marketing logo “Jars of Hope” ……. Jars of Hope (I sigh !) led her to now having the empire around the brand names Clinique, Mac, Mens Brand Elemis and of course Estée Lauder which is now run by her grandson.

Where is my jar of hope that will make me millions I’m wondering !!

Estee 3

Also, the fact that I knew before researching that she must be around quite a while because I can distinctly remember and Estée Lauder handcream in my mothers room as a child all those years ago.  I don’t use the EL products at all TBH, but I do have a few of Cliniques lippy’s which I use all the time. Mac makeup is one of the hits this decade for sure but I’ve never used it.

To look at her she is stately like and its obvious she looked after herself so well from the condition of her skin. Her eyebrows perfectly done and great structure in her cheekbones.

Estee Lauder, American beautician and businesswoman.    (Photo by Evening Standard/Getty Images)

Estee Lauder, American beautician and businesswoman. (Photo by Evening Standard/Getty Images)

Estee 2

My god wasn’t her Chemist Uncle sharp with the concoctions and led his lovely niece on a trip of a lifetime.  Could one woman have an empire like this all on her own? She must have had some team behind her.

Lá breithe shona Estee Lauder.

Princess Diana

Not going to say much about his one except that if she was alive today she would be 54 years of age.  Still a young woman. Enough has been written and through it all I still say to myself that this woman was a daughter and of course a mother who like all of us loved her children as much as we do. So we’ll let let pictures speak for themselves.

diana 3

Her facial expressions painted her story on so many occasions but in her later years she did look so happy, relaxed and if I may say so seriously sexy at times.

diana 6

Needing to let down her hair she gave it her all with John Travolta in the White House in the late 1980’s

diana 1

diana 4

diana 2

I love everything about the last picture, she looks so happy, so seriously sexy and I just crave her hair sytle.  She will never be forgotten.

Happy Birthday Diana 

Foot Fetish Friday

I’m at a wedding today (Friday) so just thinking ahead and getting ready my Foot Fetish Friday post.  We all love shoes,  we all have enough shoes and even some have been threatened divorce (in a funny haha kind of way) if another pair of shoes enters the building.

Do I need more shoes ? NO  NO NO NO NO and definitely not ! But it won’t stop me ever looking and admiring shoes and wondering if they’re too high, too narrow too tight and the wrong shade.

All I’ve picked are from either Asos, New Look or Littlewoods websites.

So this week I’ve just picked a few that caught my eye and I really like. If I was forced to go and buy a pair this minute … Which would I pick 

Pink Pink Pink

 Hope you like too, E 

shoe2 shoe1

pink shoe



Liz Hurley – an icon on her birthday 

I could write about this babe all day.  Serious crush.  Love her to bits and I’m not one for keeping an eye on celebs or super models or any of that garb but this woman is Wow in my eyes. Take this in – She celebrates her 50th birthday today ! 50 – she gives the impression I think of youth and happiness is oozing out of her – says I as I sit here with Sunday night hair & an old tshirt ! She looks even better with the “tan” – look how she works it so well with Pink ! Ok ok she’d look good in a black bin bag tan or no tan 💖 baby pink, cerise pink, satin Pink, bodycon pink she just has it no matter what way she turns !  How she loves her skinnies and a gilet – she rocks them throughout the year it seems – khakis with beginning of Spring of into September ! She’s probably used to the long haul flights from her homeland of England over and back to the States … She looks to effortlessly elegant in her travel gear but check out her foot wear.  I don’t think I’d go to this lengths at the airport would you ?

  Check out her jeans & Blazers combos – all very natural 


Out at events she looks elegant in long or short ! Less is more seems to be the motto here. Sheer white short or pale grey one shoulder! Both equally as simple yet sexy ❤️ 



Her white wide leg trousers are stunning  not to mention the wedding dress.  Just so effortless.

Belated birthday wishes to this woman, amazing for 50 

BB or CC 

Whilst browsing through the nice bits in @Boots recently when I got talking to @Makeup by Jacqui – we got chatting about makeup in general – or my own makeup routine (or lack of!)  to be exact I suppose and she proceeded to give me samples of the @No. 7 BB and CC Cremes. 

From the get go lets just say I am no expert or beauty guru when it comes to these sort of things. The only thing I will give myself credit for is a good skin care routine – the whole cleanser, toner & moisturiser business ! There – I needed to get that big off my chest because I’m super conscious that there are oodles of beauty bloggers out there ! And this is only one Mammies personal opinion 😋

My own makeup ! Two or three bottles in the cabinet for a year and usually not empty when the feeling off – shit that must be out of date by now gets under my skin & I (reluctantly) chuck it ! 


Let it be said I don’t wear makeup to work so I’m not like my sister – out the door every morning with a painted face and pout to suit it😘. If I need something during the day I always go for my Clarins BB Creme. It’s light, it’s not fussy, goes on easy in quick record time before I go out the door. Retailing in Boots @ €34.50 

I learned three things from @makeup by Jaqui

1. If your makeup is gone beyond its goodness the oil will rise to the top … Yes Peeps I’ve seen it happen. 

2. All Creme or oil based product you apply to your skin should be set with a powder and 

3. BB = Blemish Balm and CC = Colour corrector ! 

Let’s cut the crap ! The CC Creme did me no favours ! Not for me simple as ! Looked at myself when I got home, too fine rosy cheeks, looked like I hadn’t applied anything. No coverage. 


The BB creme, light weight, easy to apply, great coverage, stayed on. I did – as part of the new me – swirl the powder on brush over the face afterwards. I was pleasantly surprised. Retails @ €17.50 in Boots with an SPF of 15 but an added extra of a whopping  5* UVA 

I have plenty Of my BB Creme left at the minute but you know what No 7 would have to be high on the list when it’s time to purchase again. Thumbs up from this amateur & good on the pocket too ! 

Now my next task … To find myself a perfect compact powder & brush to complete my ritual … The search is on! 

                                       Hope you enjoyed the read !



I’m starting this post off in my head as I sit in the car and I’m wondering where it was I first heard about Nia or what attracted me to this brand. TBH I think I read about it in a Sunday newspaper and off I went to check @NiaNaturalBeauty.

To my surprise and the piece that “ticked my box” even more is that it’s made right here in Munster on the  Kerry Limerick border in Newcastlewest. Every single person that has ever left Kerry knows Newcastlewest like the back of their hand. Check ✅

So I contact the lovely Celia with my curiosity and am welcomed with open arms. ! For the past fortnight I’ve been using their “Calendula & Orange Blossom Cleansing Balm”. It arrives with a Cleansing Cloth, with a personalised letter and some skin care advice!  Check ✅

For the record for the past 8 years I’ve been using the same brand of Cleanser. If there is one beauty tip I got from my mother it’s the use of the good old fashioned face cloth ! So I slapped on a milky cleanser and washed it off. Full stop. 

Nia is different. Nia’s Cleansing Balm is of quite a thick consistency so it does require work. You must massage it in for it to be effective. No slapping it on ! So theirfore it’s working or “waking up” what’s under the skin too. After using Nia’s cleansing balm for a fortnight I can honestly say that for the first time ever I questioned the Ingredients in my products – Why ? – because every time I open this Nia cleansing Balm I can smell the au natural. It’s a real “Spa” smell 😀 Off to bed conscious that my skin has been deep cleaned … I feel that my skin is warm when I realise that the naturalness of the active ingredients has started to make my blood flow. Circulate or something to that effect! Check ✅

Wait for this – to add to the positive vibes from Nia Natural Beauty a few days after I receive my sample I receive a “follow up” call wondering how I’m getting on. We had a lovely chat. Note to self – how many companies in Ireland need to take this Sales & Marketing tip on board. Check ✅

I’m no beauty expert & no beauty queen but this is a genuinely lovely product. I’m known to have the odd Diet Coke binge. I’m a reformed addict of sorts. Hands up … My skin does suffer a blemish after a Diet Coke binge … I can put my finger on the spot ! It has definitely calmed. Redness not as obvious. I was at a “do” with the in-laws last night. All the women remarked that my skin looked great …. Maybe … Just maybe it’s the Calendula & Orange Blossom Cleansing Balm teamed with my new Cucumber Lemon Mint & Ginger in water fad but it made me feel great … Check ✅

With a smile I tell you … If you saw me today you’d say I look like sh1t* – it’s the effects of the great night out ! 

Payday in 10 days time and I know what I’m ordering from Nia – Can’t wait ! 

I’m not going to write reviews for Moms like me looking for all positives or all negatives about something or saying something because that’s what you want to hear. We want something that does what it says on the tin but for the record they could make this Balm in a bigger size … It’s disappearing down the tin already 😕 60ml tin size – but that’s not for me and I’m not being negative ! That’s for the marketing gurus 😋

Try it ladies – it might just suit you !