Estée Lauder

A woman I know very little about – other than she must be a millionaire with the empire she has build around her beauty products.

She began as a beauty therapist after concocting a face cream made by her Chemist Uncle and sold them locally around New York with the marketing logo “Jars of Hope” ……. Jars of Hope (I sigh !) led her to now having the empire around the brand names Clinique, Mac, Mens Brand Elemis and of course Estée Lauder which is now run by her grandson.

Where is my jar of hope that will make me millions I’m wondering !!

Estee 3

Also, the fact that I knew before researching that she must be around quite a while because I can distinctly remember and Estée Lauder handcream in my mothers room as a child all those years ago.  I don’t use the EL products at all TBH, but I do have a few of Cliniques lippy’s which I use all the time. Mac makeup is one of the hits this decade for sure but I’ve never used it.

To look at her she is stately like and its obvious she looked after herself so well from the condition of her skin. Her eyebrows perfectly done and great structure in her cheekbones.

Estee Lauder, American beautician and businesswoman.    (Photo by Evening Standard/Getty Images)

Estee Lauder, American beautician and businesswoman. (Photo by Evening Standard/Getty Images)

Estee 2

My god wasn’t her Chemist Uncle sharp with the concoctions and led his lovely niece on a trip of a lifetime.  Could one woman have an empire like this all on her own? She must have had some team behind her.

Lá breithe shona Estee Lauder.

Princess Diana

Not going to say much about his one except that if she was alive today she would be 54 years of age.  Still a young woman. Enough has been written and through it all I still say to myself that this woman was a daughter and of course a mother who like all of us loved her children as much as we do. So we’ll let let pictures speak for themselves.

diana 3

Her facial expressions painted her story on so many occasions but in her later years she did look so happy, relaxed and if I may say so seriously sexy at times.

diana 6

Needing to let down her hair she gave it her all with John Travolta in the White House in the late 1980’s

diana 1

diana 4

diana 2

I love everything about the last picture, she looks so happy, so seriously sexy and I just crave her hair sytle.  She will never be forgotten.

Happy Birthday Diana 

Liz Hurley – an icon on her birthday 

I could write about this babe all day.  Serious crush.  Love her to bits and I’m not one for keeping an eye on celebs or super models or any of that garb but this woman is Wow in my eyes. Take this in – She celebrates her 50th birthday today ! 50 – she gives the impression I think of youth and happiness is oozing out of her – says I as I sit here with Sunday night hair & an old tshirt ! She looks even better with the “tan” – look how she works it so well with Pink ! Ok ok she’d look good in a black bin bag tan or no tan 💖 baby pink, cerise pink, satin Pink, bodycon pink she just has it no matter what way she turns !  How she loves her skinnies and a gilet – she rocks them throughout the year it seems – khakis with beginning of Spring of into September ! She’s probably used to the long haul flights from her homeland of England over and back to the States … She looks to effortlessly elegant in her travel gear but check out her foot wear.  I don’t think I’d go to this lengths at the airport would you ?

  Check out her jeans & Blazers combos – all very natural 


Out at events she looks elegant in long or short ! Less is more seems to be the motto here. Sheer white short or pale grey one shoulder! Both equally as simple yet sexy ❤️ 



Her white wide leg trousers are stunning  not to mention the wedding dress.  Just so effortless.

Belated birthday wishes to this woman, amazing for 50