Our trip to Dingle Ocean World 


OW8 (2)

We were waiting eagerly for a few weeks for Ocean World to open for the New Season as we (the boys really) knew there was a new exhibition and the guessing game started every time we passed in the car ! They were watching the door like Hawks from the back seat so off we headed on their recent open day.  OW6

From the outset they loved it -granted they have been there before but that doesn’t change the wonder and awe of all the different sea life species. From the Sharks to the Penguins, the Otters and the Sharks they learn something new every time.

This time round they loved the Tortoise or is he a turtle ? As they get older there’s always something else that interests them. I suppose learning about Antartic Explorer Tom Crean in Scoil gave them a huge interest in the Penguins room and seeing the video of the Antartic made it near to impossible to drag the older fella away 😀 The creepy crawlies just freaked me.


The staff there are so knowledgable and interact with the kids – they got to hold the Star Fish and learned all about it and were on hand to answer any questions the kids had.  OW3

This years new otter exhibit takes it outdoors with seating areas and lads a room for buggies. As you continue on through the experience one walks through a glass tunnel fish tank which is amazing and from there on passed the resident pirate and out into the shop. Beyond that you can have a coffee in the cafe or the kids can gave their face painted.


Family rates are available and you can also get an all day pass and call back at the different feeding times.  Car park is just across the road.  Kids or no kids Oceanworld is someplace you must visit if you are touring the Dingle Peninsula.





Its May Day – Where have I been ?

I won’t lie, I’d say the last time I sat down to write was the post on my New Years Resolution … Oh ya … January.  Where has the time gone?  What have I been doing?  I will admit I have pages, notebooks even full of notes and ideas.  Sometimes I think if God forbid, I dropped dead tomorrow my poor husband wouldn’t make any sense of the pages of circled words, paragraphs, ideas for pictures or the like.  Granted the laptop is on its last legs and the end of the world is not the ideal place to get a good reception.

Speaking of the end of the world,  its where I live and you know its what has prompted me to get back at it.  We’ve had so much going on in the last 2 months around West Kerry I think the season just landed on us.  We’ve had an influx of the Star Wars people,  every ounce of available accommodation seems to be mopped up and along with that we’ve just waved Goodbye to the Top Gear guys who were on the Peninsula filming.  Check out my Instagram post of Matt Le Blanc giving me the ‘ol wink & wave !

This weekend we have our annual Feile na Bealtaine festival.  The children are taking part in the street parade throughout the town this afternoon and have been busy at Scoil preparing their costumes, a real culmination of colour and artistic ability.  And obviously if topped off with fine weather everyone’s spirits are lifted so start praying the fog I’m looking out at will lift within the next two hours or so.  Himself took part in the Dingle Peninsula Cycle Challenge yesterday as part of the Feile.  Unfortunately my surgery put a halt to training on a bike but there’s always next year god willing.

Add to that that I’ve picked up a few hours work, I’ve started a new correspondence course and with the lads activities rocking and rolling everyday there isn’t time to fit much more in.  As I type here there are balls hopping off the roof over my head.  If you see a lorry with slates landing you’ll know what it is …. Last weekend we had the Dingle Running and Fitness Festival which was a huge success and fun for all the family.  You should really check it out if you’re part of an active family!  Top all that off with the fact that I am determined to master homemade bolognese sauce since I’ve been watching Karen the Kenmare Foodie

Saying all that the spuds are set, the clothes are back out on the line, there’s a spring in our step.  Not sure if there is anything big going on in town next weekend but I have a nice hike and trip planned for the boys weather permitting.   Watch this space for more of the old regulars back and some fun things to do in our beautiful county now that the summer is approaching.


E, x

Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe is great for the kids lunch boxes and to add to make it even more appealing why not make double the mixture and freeze half of it for next time or if ou are ever stuck it will come in really handy


150g Self Raising Flour

75g Porridge Oats

125g Softenened Butter

1 egg and I teasp of Vanilla Essence

125g Light Muscvado Sugar

100g chocolate Chips

Preheat oven to 190deg.


1. Cream the butter and sugar together in the mixer until nice and smooth.

2.  Add the egg and Vanilla Essence.

3. Stir in the flour, porridge and Chocolate Chips.  Don’t worry if the mixture is very stiff.  Its supposed to be.

4.  Place spoonfuls of the mixture on the baking tray leaving space in between to allow for them to spread during cooking.

5.  12/15 mins in the oven or until the start to brown.  The might seem soft in the middle but cookies continue to cook while the are cooling.

6.  Store in an airtight container if the last that long.

As I said a real hit with the lunch boxes and the cookie dough can be frozen so make enough for next Sunday   when you are planning the lunches for the week ahead.

Enjoy, x

Just June

Over the past few days I’ve realised that once the 1st of June comes my mind suddenly takes on a whole new, sometimes panic ridden, state of mind ! 📆

It starts with a mental note of remembering to send one & only Sis a birthday card ! This year the boys drew her their fave Tipp players ! Bonner & Bubbles featured highly ! They love to draw especially when they can choose what to draw ! Colouring something for the Obair Bhaile doesn’t bring as much satisfaction ! ✏️

Then the mental note changes somewhat. The school holidays are in three weeks time !

1. Will the knees in the trousers last another three weeks ?

2. What summer camps will they do ? Will they be knackered & crazy if they do two weeks in a row?

cul camps Lets  go ghaeltacht

3. Will the zip in his lunch bag last ?

4. Will the vests see it out ?

5. When are they going back to school ?

For those who aren’t teachers by profession themselves sometimes the thoughts of the summer holidays can be quite daunting. Even for those who only work part time ! Like in this house neither of us are free all summer long ! Of course how I wish I could be but the cookie just didn’t crumble that way !

So once we’ve decided what camps they’ll do then we (hubby & I) will take alternate weeks off !

The eldest wants to see Croke Park Museum ! He’s 7 ! Will we tie it in with a match ? When is the Munster a Final on ? Hurling or Football he replies ! Oh Jesus how am I going to sort it all out in my head !

 My boys don’t have school uniforms and I am fully  aware that the point in their lives where they will refuse point blank to put on anything other than a tracksuit is not far off so I like to keep them in a trousers or even jeans even for four days of the week at school. Now we’re at the time of the year where I’m willing them to last until the last school bell.

As for the vests.  Come on what mother has a good relationship with kids vests.  I can’t cope, they stretch, they pull, they fade, the hem rips and the threads hang out.  Doesn’t matter where you buy them, Dunnes, Penny’s, Heatons, M&S, it happens them all. So mid winter I find myself asking the question – are these providing heat. They are in their ass ! Last week in August you’ll find me in search of my yearly supply of vests.

 Weren’t the R&D people in Pennys up bright and early when they got in the good old body warmers at a cheap and cheerful 8 quid compared to the prices in the Sports Shops.  I will admit we bought them – tops and leggings – for rugby in the winter but we quickly got more use out of them.  They’re a godsend and even these days when they don’t want to wear coats just sleeveless hoodies at least when they have their body warmers on I feel there some bit warm.

We have two weddings between now and the 1st of August.  I think I’m sorted for a “frock” for both.  One on his side of the family and one on mine ! Who’s going to mind the kids these days.  I have Nan and Grandad sorted for one but they’re going to the other wedding.  Right.  Thinking cap on again.

Weddings equals fake tan, hair and makeup.  All going to be homemade but I am on the lookout for the “in” shade of pink nail varnish that I’ve spotted lately.  Who’ll find that for me because I certainly not going to find it in good old Ballydavid.

Need Navy court shoes.  Have you any idea ladies how hard it is to get a good pair of Navy leather heels ! Right need to sort that too.
I think I’ve thought enough about what I need to think about over the next three months.

 All I have to do now is sail smoothly through it.

Wish me luck !


La le Padraig

I’ve been meaning to write this one for quite a while now but just busy busy busy.

As many of you know the earliest parade in the country is held in Dingle.  This parade is all about tradition, this tradition handed down to me & now the young guns are loving every minute of it. I think the darkness and eeriness intrigues them at the off! I can’t remember when I ever missed one last except for 2003. We all gather before 6am in the still quiet air – a tradition dating back to the Land Wars of the 1880’s when celebrations were forbidden in daylight hours.  It’s pitch black and all of a sudden the tunes of the Fife & the drum dance from the roof tops of the cottages – a place where the unique tunes of this Banna Cheoil were first written & played. Off we go.

Around the town we go and up to the church for first mass.

The streets are quiet again.

Until its time to celebrate the main parade and thank god again this year we had glorious sunshine.  Children of all ages amongst all the towns floats with smiles on their faces enjoying sweets and goodies being thrown from all the floats while Mammies and Daddies are more worried about keeping them in and keeping them safe.  But they see no danger in sweet throwing !

Then this year for the first time ever our own parade in the village,  5 floats and a great turn out of spectators. From the post office to the face of the cliff & ar ais arís. 700 metres the experts said. One hell of a heavy flag by all accounts!

A great day ended with the schoolchildren playing their music in the pub and the younger ones playing on the beach while the parents were already talking about how next years event will be even bigger and better.

Herself all out in a beige belted swing coat as was all the rage in Zara before Christmas! Always top of her game !

Go mbeirimid beo ag an am seo aris!