Do you do the January Sales ?

Do you do the January Sales ?  Are you one of those people who waits with baited breadth to head out the door after spending the month of December in the shops ?  Will you stand in a queue for hours just so you can pick up that bargain ?  Quite simple I’m not ! In fact the thought of it makes be shudder (probably because I’d have three males trooping on behind me). Shortly after Santa arrived I spotted the Snapchats of queues of cars & people heading to the Sales (in the rain). More shuddering 😜

While we all like our shopping and browsing we’ve probably satisfied with the few things we got for Christmas. Hands up I only had two or three things on my wish list and I was able to hint and direct the three boys in the right direction here in Dingle .  I got the Grey Cape but I’ve spotted the red since. It’s really lovely. Check out La Boheme on FB or here

 For the past two years I haven’t gone near the shops in January and February ! There’s nothing happening, there’s nothing going on and feckit if there is – there’s plenty in the wardrobe that will suffice. One of my “down” points when it comes to shopping is I don’t try anything on … Like the look of it, need it, think I need it or want it: its in the bag ! Considering I live in such a remote “shopping area”, even though we do have two great boutiques in Dingle, and Internet shopping from the comfort of your own bedroom is so easy where you can try on in your own time is becoming ever increasingly popular.

All that said why have I the itch this year to have a peek ! Here’s just a few I’ve spotted while browsing on line

Therapy for Girls is a shop in Midelton in Cork. They’re nothing only a tease on Snapchat these days. I want it all. They have a super sale. Well three or four bits 😉 Anyone who knows me well knows I’m partial to B&W.  They will do postage to anywhere as well – trust me I know ! Ha !  They are at Market  Green Shopping Centre in Midleton and have a great FB page.




Who doesn’t need, want or have a good white shirt or blouse ? Stiff neck, V neck, round neck, collar less ! You just can’t beat them. Inside a blazer, fitted on its own with a high waisted tailored trousers.   In the office with an A line skirt. I’m teaming it here with a nude or beige piece because Spring is coming. Thinking beyond black. I’ve taken all four of these images from Pinterest.




I love the Ralph Lauren one because if you look closely you will see that the front is buttoned at a diagonal from left shoulder to right hip.  A very flattering fit for those carrying weight around the tummy.




Do I start with the Cape or start with the designer ? Marion Murphy Cooney is The Design Atelier based in my hometown of Nenagh. I follow her social media like a teenager with a crush. A fantastic Irish Designer who will do custom made pieces for all the lovely ladies and who also has up to date on trend affordable pieces. You will regularly see her pieces featured on TV programmes such as Expose, Ireland AM & the likes. She had also featured at Kerry Fashion Week.  Marion is on all social media or check the website out here


Leopard Print is either for you or not! For me it’s a hint of the wild creature that appeals. A leopard print belt with all black. Your leopard print shoes or boots with all black, a Federo with a nice warm coat – red at Christmas maybe. Back to the Cape. I didn’t realise until I listened to Elaine when I was planning my own Christmas Day outfit (corny but you know what I mean) that there are different styles shapes and sizes. Some have a savage amount of material. This one here from Marion at The Design Atelier is so classy, neat, tidy, and on trend. The structured shoulders add a touch of feminine and shape definition. I love it.

These runners are from Penny’s. While I might not wear them pounding the roads for an hour I would certainly cope with strolling to the beach with the lads wearing these.
That’s my little take on the January Sales or my picks . Bit of an unusual one for me but I hope you enjoyed it.

Lots to whet the appetite for the Spring ladies, don’t you think !

Happy Browsing,




Mane ‘n Tail 

I’ll be straight out with it … The title of this particular brand never floated my boat … Mane ‘n Tail I mean come on a sleek, shiny Black Beauty type stallion comes to mind ! I digress 😀

Thanks to Pippas Style factory and Keane on Style both held at the Brehon Hotel in Killarney I have had the chance to try out some of their products.

First up is there Hand & Nail Therapy – Intensive Protein Enriched Moisturiser. Protein I say … Mmmmm current buzz developed by horse owners to moisturise dry cracked or brittle horse hooves ! Jesus the soles of my feet aren’t that hard – tough leather comes to mind – or are they … I take a look ! No I’m not a horse from the ankles down. These horse owners noticed a dramatic improvement in their own hands as they applied the Cream to the horses by hand … Hence this range was born.

While it claims to do lots from moisturising, protect, maintain, soften and restore the feet, hands & elbows I can genuinely say that continued use of it on my hands and I have noticed a difference in how soft they are ! I don’t use it on my feet every night but for fear of turning more equine and with the thoughts of longer warmer days on the horizon I will start to use this one more often on my feet !

So for the record, use this every night for a week and you WILL notice a difference for the better.

Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo for Shiny & Healthy hair – well heck ya we all want shiny healthy hair 😀 I thought it was a bit glupy coming out of the bottle but a small piece lathered up really well & I have to say it is shiny ! My hair gets greasy quite quickly so and I had heard that this can often leave your scalp feeling heavy so  I did give a good rinse.


IMG_1928The Mane ‘n Tail Deep Moisturising Conditioner then is blue … Yes just like your toothpaste 😀 It smells lovely. Cocunut Oil is one of the listed ingredients … Yet another of this seasons buzz words 😀 just need to leave it in for the norm, 1-2 minutes before rinsing it out !

I will admit I’m two days before my Christmas Cut n Colour as I type this so I can’t cope with even looking at my mop at the moment but yes Mane ‘n Tail is something I would definitely consider again.


Maybe you’ve stocked up for the Christmas already, maybe it’s something you’ll have to put on your payday Pennies Wishlist or maybe you’d love to win one for yourself or your bestie !

Pop over to my FB page and see how you can win yourself one.

Flourish with Organics Skincare


After being introduced to Flourish Organics at the Spa in the Dingle Skellig I was curious to find out more about them … Especially when I heard that they are the go to range for two 5* hotels in Kerry ! I’m partial to a spot of 5* when the purse strings are loose enough ! They are the “go to” brand stocked in the 5* Muckross Park Hotel in Killarney and also the 5* Park Hotel in Kenmare.  Had the luck to get contact details for the lovely Klaus of Flourish Organics who was so kind as to present me with a bag of treats. Klaus is so passionate about the work they do in Clonkeen and having used the products for over a month now I can see why.

Before I go on to talk about them I must share a memory ! Some of you will probably relate ! On opening and taking the obligatory sniff of the Rose Face Cream I was immediately brought back to my Grandmothers little glass jar of Ponds Cold Cream,  the smell is just the same.  So flowery – aka the Rose Cream.  There definitely roses in there somewhere however they got them in.

Klaus did mention to me that its good for Rosacea … As I do have a bit of the good aul Rosacea on my cheeks i was sceptical but I’ll give anything a try.

Pause …. I’ve just had to skidaddle to a mirror to check how rosy my cheeks look.  I think its hereditary ! I’ve just looked up things that trigger Rosacea and google reckons alcohol, hot or spicy food, emotional stress and heat are all triggers…….. Ladies if this is the case we could all have Rosacea.

I’ve been using the Vitamin E Face Cream every day now and I must say there is a “calmer” looking effect on my skin.  Goes on easily and smells of Roses.  I love the Peppermint and Tea Tree Foot Lotion from the Flourish Organics Range.  It smells divine!.  Leave it on the bedside locker and give your footsies a little treat before bed every night. They’ll thank you for it.

The Calendula lotion was one of the first I used … Maybe three months ago now when the weather was much warmer and I do remember finding it really cooling on my skin after a few hours at the beach so I reckon there’s lots of soothing ingredients in it 😀

I may seem a bit of a freak when it comes to cleansers.  I think their are different cleansers our there to do different jobs.  I prefer a good old cleanse when I have makeup on and maybe not such a hard working one when I just need to wash my face after a long day.  The Flourish Organics cleanser is a nice light weight face cleanser, doesnt get foamy or gritty on the skin and is great when you want to just wash your face before bed time and have had no makeup on during the day.  Apply it to the face, give it a little massage into the skin and wipe clean with a face cloth.

I’m all about face oils,  I love them so that’s next on my list. If you like a product made from natural ingredients, home grown here in Ireland, Kerry even and admire the fact that such high profile hotels in the county are stocking it … well then its well worth a try.

Klaus does all the farmers markets and I’m sure he’ll be seen at the Christmas markets throughout the county. Go have a chat, you’ll find he’s a wealth of information on all things natural & organic ! I’m sure they’ll have lots of lovely gift sets for Christmas


Payday Pennies June

Ok Momsies … Admit it … We love em …. Why …. Because they cover a multitude 💃

What am I talking about … well its the Maxi of course.  There is a maxi dress out there for everyone … Every shape make design & colour, halter necks, round neck, v neck, side split, thick strap, skinny strap, boob tube, shoulder out, shoulder in, straight, A line, floaty, Printed, stripes, polka dots or flowers and on and on and on …

I’ve just chosen a few favourites to share and team them with flats, wedges or flip flops depending where your off to !

Oasis Black Maxi.  Love its simplicity.  Team with flats or gladiators in silver or gold.  Team with wedges for a night out

Oasis Black Maxi. Love its simplicity. Team with flats or gladiators in silver or gold. Team with wedges for a night out

Love this royal blue with side splits from Littlewoods for €39

Love this royal blue with side splits from Littlewoods for €39

Definitely one for the beach.  Tropical Maxi from Boohoo for €24

Definitely one for the beach. Tropical Maxi from Boohoo for €24

No matter what you decide to wear out and about this summer its always handy to have a white cardigan to throw on if the evening gets cold.  Although I must admit I am a bit OTT when it comes to minding my cardigan – I have visions of a small messy hand with a lump of seaweed catching me or when someone needs a hug after tears and  the stain is right there on the shoulder for all to see !  And all I do is fret about whether the stain will come out.

Savida White Cardigan from Dunnes Stores

Savida White Cardigan from Dunnes Stores

Complete the look 

Asos Sandals €89

Asos Sandals €89

Wedges from Tommy Hilfiger online

Wedges from Tommy Hilfiger online