2016 – lets roll with it 

I can honestly say that I was never “over the moon” to see the back of any particular year. However I will admit that I’m not one for wild New Years Eve parties and celebrations and counting down to Ring it in ! I’m happy out to go to go bed and wake up on Jan 1 and carry on as normal.

It’s good to remember the positive parts – boys first trip to Croker, our first family holiday abroad, becoming a member of @ITWBN, realizing the benefits of seaweed and loving it at the local seaweed baths, sandy sunny days spent at the beach and much more.

All that said I am glad to be seeing the back of 2015 – between losing our jobs and the emotions that go with that … Kerry lost, Tipp lost, the Legion lost (all big things in this house), a friend who went through a few months of a tough time (I felt her pain and loss for days) and having had surgery myself three weeks ago you know what I’m ready now to move on ! ON ON ON

New Year here and hands up I’m not the one for making Resolutions ! If I wrote down a resolution it would be gone with the bath water by the end of Jan. I’m also not big into the hundreds of quotes, motivational or otherwise that fly around social media but I do save anyone that ticks some box in my head somewhere. Sharing some of them throughout this post !

So it’s simple really no New Years resolutions but lots of goals and maybe a bucket list … All might I add chopping and changing as the year goes on and the seasons change !

At home with the Fam during Christmas and the diaries came out. We pencilled in a few dates over the next few months . All of a sudden we were at the beginning of March. I will admit GAA featured highly, sure the MGrath cup starts Sunday week. Am involved in organising a family get together which is going to be really great so looking forward to that !

Can’t wait for the stretch in the evenings, looking forward to getting out as much as possible with the boys whether it’s bike, run or crawl. WK Fitness are having a kids element to their running and Fitness Festival in April with lots of kids activities planned so we might take part. There’s the annual Mt Brandon day trip on the list of course, Cnoc na Carraige right here outside the door and Tomás wants to take his bike to Killarney National Park (to chase the deer 😂😂). I’d love to do one of the cycles on the weekend of Feile na Bealtaine so if you see me hanging over handle bars somewhere between now and then you’ll know it’s all for a good cause ! Care to join me … Get in Touch I’d love it ! More the merrier 🚴🏻🚴🏻 so yes being fitter and healthier is definitely top of my list.

cat fresh air



Boys bought Mom a cookbook for Christmas. I do get sick of cooking the same ole same ole sometimes & then give up & serve shit for a day or two until I realize it makes you feel like shit so needs must & we pull ourselves back together & back on track.Hoping to try out lots of new healthy recipes with their little helping hands and promise if it’s worth sharing them you’ll all be in on it 👍🏻


As I get older I definitely think we need to cut out the negativity in the world. There’s enough hatred in the world.  Just be kind, we have no idea what’s going on in someone else’s life so who are we to judge ! That’s why I like this quote about starting each day on a positive note (even if the 6 year old is demanding the sun, moon and stars at 7am) take a deep breadth that’s all ! Who cares if the neighbours don’t open the front room curtains all day. Who cares if someone chooses to walk 5k in black stilettos or order a green salad and sparkling water when out for a meal.  Who knows that these people haven’t been up all night with sick kids, or have eaten enough for three earlier in the day.  Each to their own. Your positive mindset will make all the difference if you set it to positive when you hop out of bed every morning.

healthy lifestyle

Needs must and top of the “to do” list upgrade the laptop that will make it a kids free zone and a bloggers paradise for Mom ! Have lots of posts started but (being interrupted by kids can’t be an excuse) I think it’s storage space or lack of it is slowing it down along with the 7 year old asking if he can “Google MacGregor Mom” … I think I asked him at this point if he learnt about Google ar scoil. So Yes big plans to do at least one blog post a week so if it’s not happening people get onto me give me the nudge …

There’s the whole matter of the bedside locker – cant even take a picture to show you its so bad.  Just samples of beauty products piling up amongst a few biros, a nail varnish, a notebook, water, phone, few pain killers and anything else that I think I might need. Biggest challenge for me tomorrow night will be to leave the technology – phone included downstairs when I retreat for beauty sleep.

Getting a job too is a must if I’m to keep buying ingredients for all this cooking ! After 15 years in the one office chair it’s time for some self growth and self development

That’s it in a nutshell … No list … no start date … But a happy, healthier life embracing all life has to offer. I hope 2016 brings you all the same and I’m taking this chance to thank you all for your support and looking forward to much more … Who knows what lies ahead

Putting the VaVa back in Voom with the ITWBN

I’m not so sure how this post is going to go because right now this minute my head could explode !

To make a long story short – maybe many long stories before I’m done !

So the company we both worked for was put into liquidation back in July and on Friday last BOOM – we got the word – our jobs were gone.  A seriously emotional day for an emotional person, you have no idea.  But we have to get up this morning (jobless with a kitchen table full of paperwork) and say ok lets move on.  Let’s do up the CV’s and lets just try hard to put the past behind us but its not easy after 15 years for me and 38 for himself.  Ok ok forget the place.

So I was down Friday, ok Saturday and was between two minds on whether I’d rise out of it early on Sunday & take myself to Galway for afternoon tea with the @ITWBN blogging babes at the 5* Glenlo Abbey Hotel 😋

I haven’t written a blog post since that fateful Friday night back in July when Mr Liquidator was on the road to West Kerry so I was hoping Sunday’s trip would “light my fire” again ! There were times throughout August & September when I thought lets just close this account & forget it, times (strangest of times) that I’d have a ding ding moment of “that’d make a great blog post” and definitely moments of why bother – who gives a shit !

So I waved goodbye & pulled out @ 8.30am … Quick coffee in Newcastlewest & landed in the Glenlo Abbey hotel at 12.15 … Just in time for the 12.30 start … Wow … Why haven’t I heard much about this place,  stunning and I mean STUNNNING location ! Looking out on the lake, 5 mins drive from the city centre, great looking golf (whatever great looking golf is), the train as pictured is their “Pullman Restaurant” (cool or what) & greeted with a cocktail (sans alcohol).

Sat down with Emer O’Grady makeup artist (watch out for a woman with a vision & going places & by the way who was able to tell me all about my own brothers wedding 2 years ago – small world)   and Jessica Cooke who runs her own Health & Fitness Business in Galway !

From the very start it was just great to talk with like minded people, bloggers from all different walks of life. Thrilled to meet Sinead (clicked immediately – Yummy Mummy Supreme!) How she juggles it all is amazing and Saidbh who was so good with putting names with faces  ! Im sure Sinead and I could’ve talked all day, so inspiring! Sinead and Saidbh have really seen an opening and are ahead of the game when it comes to Bloggers Collaboration.

Here I am with Sinead Carroll aka Yummy Mummy

Also had the pleasure to finally meet Mrs Dillons Diary, always follow Orla Sheridan on FB and when I spotted her it was like ohhh wow – here we are !

Yours truly, Orla Sheridan Personal Stylist and Mrs Dillions Diary

But what about the main attraction – fellow Kerry woman Erika Fox aka Retro Flame ! It would be rude not to say Hi ! Her blog name just so suits her ! She’s so down to earth for someone who has worked with so many stars ! She spoke so passionately and eloquently from the heart, answered all the questions and encouraged everyone ! I could’ve listened to her all day. Nothing fazed her.

Erika Fox – Retro Flame

I also met people that were only beginning their blogging journey … If it’s what you want Go for it ! Check out @CoolRhubarb ! Styled by Dree was there – I could tell we were like minded style wise, grace Daniels Cakes Kerry woman living in Galway & of course Lisa from Beauty Fashion Fitness who told me I can schedule posts … Like hellooooo where has this been all my life ! Best thing I learnt on the day – this is going to make me wayyy more efficient ! Since our afternoon gathering Erika has been listed as one of the most influential Irish Bloggers in New York’s Digital and Technology industries and prior to her return was announced as Kerry’s Best Young Entrpreneur 2015 👍🏻✅.  Glenbeigh Abú

Lots of Blog posts to be written on all of the lovely goodies that were in here

Well known designers were chosen as the table names.

Oodles has been written about the stunning venue, the fantastic goodie bags (more to follow on these), the amazing spread, the table names really impressed me ! The Glenlo Abbey -how impressive as was the Solaris Tea who treated us on the day.  We also had the opportunity to browse some stalls.  St Morritz taking a great hit from the girls but most of all it was you the company … The @ITWBN babes.

  When it was finally over some were retreating to the reserved area in the bar for the rugby match as I pulled out for the 4 hour journey home with my head spinning – the only thing between me and my blogging thoughts was the blinding setting sun as I turned back west – happy in myself that I was finally back thinking blogging thoughts 😀😀

To all the ITWBN girls ........ thank you all !  We are some team !

Tag – Your it 

I was nominated by the lovely Jen @TooDollyMakeup for a Liebster award. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it is a tag between bloggers to get to know each other better. 



  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Answer their 11 questions.
  3. Give 11 Random Facts
  4. Come up with 11 questions
  5. Tag 11 bloggers

Here are the answers to Jens 11 questions:-

  1. You’re stuck on a desert island,what 3 products do you bringI’m presuming this island is in a sunny climate so I’m bringing Sun Sense Moisturiser, a bottle of Kerry Spring Water and my Trilogy Rosehip Oil.
  2. What are your favourite blogs posts to read/write? Because I’m the only girl in this house I love all things fashion so I do like to share my favourites but I’m am Blogging about all things “Mammy” so I have to keep this in mind. 
  3. What is your holy grail product? Trilogy Rosehip Oil
  4. Which blogs do you check most often? To be perfectly honest I’ve started out reading everything because it’s giving me experience, tips, hints, clues etc.
  5.  What Bloggers inspire you? Any Mom blogger because she’s keeping the house going, she’s probably working part time & she’s blogging ! 
  6. Who are your dream dinner guests (pick 4)? My husband Mike, Michael O’Muircheartaigh, a local man known as TP & my Godmother Noreen.
  7.  What makes you tick ? The Sea and a good game of hurling. 
  8. If money was no object what 3 beauty product would you buy? A Creme de la Mer product just so that I could say well I’ve tried and tested these babies ! Knowing me I’d fall in love with it 😋
  9. What is your superpower? Multitasking 
  10. Who run the world? I’m not quite sure what Jen meant with this question & I’m not politically minded but sometimes I think Geldof & Bono seem toe making sense on the whole poverty thing. 
  11.  What do you know for sure? That every night I go to bed I’m exhausted. 

11 random facts about me 

1. Brought up in Nenagh, Co Tipperary but now live 7 miles west of Dingle in Ballydavid. 

2. I have one brother and one sister

3. I have a weakness for an Irish Coffee

4. I have been threatened with divorce if I buy another handbag or shoes 😋 

5. I suffered from Ménière’s disease – fingers & toes crossed it never appears in my life again ! 

6. I drive an Audi

7. Goats cheese is one of my favourites 

8. We spend a lot of time at the beach in this house. Winter or Summer. 

9. Sing Alleluia by Dr Alban will definitely get me out on the dance floor 

10. GAA is not only in my family it is in my blood. 

11. Children have thought me how to butter a slice of bread with one hand. 

My 11 questions for you 

1. Your favourite perfume ? 

2. Your most treasured possession?  

3. The one woman you really admire ? 

4. Where is your favourite corner in the world ? 

5. If you were given two free tickets to a concert who would be playing & where would it be held ? 

6. Monochrome or floral ? 

7. Heels or Flats ?

8. City cheque or country casual ?

9. Your ideal date night & with who?

10. Your favourite sporting moment ? 

11. Do you pray ? 


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How it all started ?


How it all started … Where do I start ? Actually before I start its 4.48am & I can’t sleep so I’ve vacated to the spare room! I’m on my mobile and I can’t see what I’m typing because it’s font -4 Times New Roman !!

Annnnyway, I’m in Dingle and I am chatting away mad to herself (Can I name people on this sort of thing – not a clue 🙉) about various issues when she pipes up “I think you’d make a great blogger” and d’you know what … I can’t get it out of my head since !! I’ll call herself my “Pinterest Fanatic Friend” She’s laughing mad at herself now because she knows who she is !

I wonder did she get her walk today- kind of loses her plot if she doesn’t. There’s a ‘syndrome ‘ name for it somewhere- Mommy needs to clear her…

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