Our trip to Dingle Ocean World 


OW8 (2)

We were waiting eagerly for a few weeks for Ocean World to open for the New Season as we (the boys really) knew there was a new exhibition and the guessing game started every time we passed in the car ! They were watching the door like Hawks from the back seat so off we headed on their recent open day.  OW6

From the outset they loved it -granted they have been there before but that doesn’t change the wonder and awe of all the different sea life species. From the Sharks to the Penguins, the Otters and the Sharks they learn something new every time.

This time round they loved the Tortoise or is he a turtle ? As they get older there’s always something else that interests them. I suppose learning about Antartic Explorer Tom Crean in Scoil gave them a huge interest in the Penguins room and seeing the video of the Antartic made it near to impossible to drag the older fella away 😀 The creepy crawlies just freaked me.


The staff there are so knowledgable and interact with the kids – they got to hold the Star Fish and learned all about it and were on hand to answer any questions the kids had.  OW3

This years new otter exhibit takes it outdoors with seating areas and lads a room for buggies. As you continue on through the experience one walks through a glass tunnel fish tank which is amazing and from there on passed the resident pirate and out into the shop. Beyond that you can have a coffee in the cafe or the kids can gave their face painted.


Family rates are available and you can also get an all day pass and call back at the different feeding times.  Car park is just across the road.  Kids or no kids Oceanworld is someplace you must visit if you are touring the Dingle Peninsula.





Its May Day – Where have I been ?

I won’t lie, I’d say the last time I sat down to write was the post on my New Years Resolution … Oh ya … January.  Where has the time gone?  What have I been doing?  I will admit I have pages, notebooks even full of notes and ideas.  Sometimes I think if God forbid, I dropped dead tomorrow my poor husband wouldn’t make any sense of the pages of circled words, paragraphs, ideas for pictures or the like.  Granted the laptop is on its last legs and the end of the world is not the ideal place to get a good reception.

Speaking of the end of the world,  its where I live and you know its what has prompted me to get back at it.  We’ve had so much going on in the last 2 months around West Kerry I think the season just landed on us.  We’ve had an influx of the Star Wars people,  every ounce of available accommodation seems to be mopped up and along with that we’ve just waved Goodbye to the Top Gear guys who were on the Peninsula filming.  Check out my Instagram post of Matt Le Blanc giving me the ‘ol wink & wave !

This weekend we have our annual Feile na Bealtaine festival.  The children are taking part in the street parade throughout the town this afternoon and have been busy at Scoil preparing their costumes, a real culmination of colour and artistic ability.  And obviously if topped off with fine weather everyone’s spirits are lifted so start praying the fog I’m looking out at will lift within the next two hours or so.  Himself took part in the Dingle Peninsula Cycle Challenge yesterday as part of the Feile.  Unfortunately my surgery put a halt to training on a bike but there’s always next year god willing.

Add to that that I’ve picked up a few hours work, I’ve started a new correspondence course and with the lads activities rocking and rolling everyday there isn’t time to fit much more in.  As I type here there are balls hopping off the roof over my head.  If you see a lorry with slates landing you’ll know what it is …. Last weekend we had the Dingle Running and Fitness Festival which was a huge success and fun for all the family.  You should really check it out if you’re part of an active family!  Top all that off with the fact that I am determined to master homemade bolognese sauce since I’ve been watching Karen the Kenmare Foodie

Saying all that the spuds are set, the clothes are back out on the line, there’s a spring in our step.  Not sure if there is anything big going on in town next weekend but I have a nice hike and trip planned for the boys weather permitting.   Watch this space for more of the old regulars back and some fun things to do in our beautiful county now that the summer is approaching.


E, x

The Separation Anxiety inflicted on Me by Me as a result of my New Years resolutions 

As we head into night three of 2016 I just have to tell you about how the first night went ! You will know from my blog post on NYE that one of my big things was to leave the technology downstairs from now on to give the head a rest ! See that post here

As I tucked myself up in my leaba I realised I hadn’t checked the weather App … I use Weather Pro on my phone.  It’s so detailed and accurate with the weather here I’ve just realised that checking it is part of my bedtime ritual … Addicted to a weather App that’s been telling me nothing but mm of rainfall for the past month ! Not good 😉

Jesus it’s very bright did I leave the light on outside … Out I get, light off but the Christmas star in the back garden that’s on a timer to go off an hour ago is still leading Santa safely home … Getting restless ! Thinking I must remember to add something to a Blog Post I started earlier in the day … I’ll put a note in my phone … Lean over no phone ! Oh oh 😙

I’m also thinking about an event I’m involved in organising in early February. I must email the hotel … I’ll put a note in my phone. What day of the week is Paddys day? I’ll check my phone !





I’m thinking of the stove downstairs that’s not doing its job since its been installed ! HIS baby not mine ! We now have an antenna type chimney pipe soaring into the sky that’s letting in water … I’m trying to count to 10 … LETTING IN WATER and he reckons it’s a thing of nothing … 1, 2, 3, …. I opened it to add fuel earlier and the puff of smoke would have killed a small baby not to mind send me heaving backwards with the cough ! He’s so pissed off with it but won’t give in just yet.

OH … Just thought of a new blog post ! Where’s my phone I must jot down a few ideas in the notes section ! No phone



So by now you’ve got the moral of my story ! What did we ever do without the good old I Phone which we use for messages, emails, calendar, writing the shopping list, social media, playing Sudoku and checking the Weather.

My mobile office

What happened in the good old days, no instant messages, no checking the weather or emailing a query somewhere. Were they better off with the amount of headspace they had that we don’t !

What about Gerry Google, the best teacher, advisor, doctor etc that I’ve ever ever met ! I remember reading a while back that we get as much information in a day that our grandparents did in a lifetime ! At that I would be of the opinion that I learnt an awful lot from my Gran.

So here’s to Night #3 …

Send me some good karma to help me Sleep

Oiche Mhaith & coladh sámh

SPÁ Atlantach – Seaweed Baths

So lets be truthful I’ve known this new Spa is in the making for the past few months & it’s the one Blog post I’ve been looking forward to writing.

Well boy was I pleasantly suprised. Doors were opened last weekend and the story quickly went around the village that the “place over” was fab.

 So the lads went to an U21 game on Friday evening and I took myself off for a visit to Christiana who I was reliably informed would spend the evening spoiling me.  Gorgeous tones of walnuts and sand colour interiors complimented by the whiff of scented candles and cleverly designed interiors.  Mirrored doors bringing the outside back inside and unrivaled views of the Wild Atlantic Way.  The buzz word in the west of Ireland at the moment and right on our back door step.


Evening Sunset view from the SPA in Baile na nGall

In I went & clad myself in a luxurious white robe and proceeded to the bath. Seaweed in a bucket of hot water at 45deg greeted me which was added to a bath of warm water to which I adjusted to suit myself. Single or double bath experience available if you want to bring himself along for the “time together”

icon_1_image_x16 spa1IMG_1346 (3)

Christiana reliable informed me of the benefits of seaweed, of which there are many, most notably that it takes the bad shit out and lets the good stuff in.  The vitamins and minerals that we get from the seaweed. Christiana works with products from the Irish Company Green Angel and has power shots or scrubs available to either relax, rejuvenate or treat problem skin available.  Other Green Angel products are available to buy also.


Green Angel Products available for Sale

20 mins is the minimum one should give themselves to get the metabolism working and boy it sure does. The steam from the water, the moisturising properties or the seaweed on the skin, the calming music and fabulous & spectacular ceiling lights that glimmer and change colour all make it one hell of a feel good experience. I just loved the taste of the sea water when I licked my lips.


Amazing ceiling feature that changes colour as you enjoy your Seaweed experience

As she says herself its like floating in the Atlantic – just warmer ! 

From my bath I crossed the hall for my back neck & shoulder massage. Christiana’s wealth of knowledge in all things “body beneficial” astounded me ! She brings her experience from the top SPA resorts of Austria right here to our own doorstep and can offer

✅ Reflexology

✅ Hot & Cold Stone Massage

✅ Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Π Dorn Therapy – to locate and ease back-problems, straighten up the spine.  A special technique to push back the parts of the spine to their original positions for a straighter back.

Head Massage, Masssage to balance the Chakras, clear the head, Detoxing, Energising, Strengthening you name it, all sorts.

Christiana has a huge amount of experience. It is not expensive and great value for money.

Luxury, feel good factor and benefits to ones well being all in one ! I for one will definitely be back for more.


Tomás picking seaweed in Muirioch back in March to use in the garden as feed for his veg !

Ionad an Blascaoid

Kids in this house get a treat of Diet Coke twice a year.  On Christmas Day and on the day of the Summer Holidays from school … so today was the day.  They also get to decide where to  go and suprisingly they choose the same as last year … the Ionad an Blasocaid Centre in Dun Chaoin.  http://www.heritageireland.ie/en/blascaod/

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Turning 40 – could I have finally started to grow up?

Brilliant read people. I’m like wtf – that’s me the whole way through

The Now Moment

So I turned 40 this week… copenhagen_40_co2

I am not sure where the last ten years went but I know they have been busy with motherhood, marriage, readjusting to a life outside Dublin, and did I mention motherhood? I have evolved from footloose and fancy free to no respite and responsibilities.

Here are a few things I have noticed about myself and my coming of age…. have I finally grown up? 

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 June BH Weekend in Kerry

Between listening to the a radio & reading the Kerryman over the past 24 hours I reckon there is something on to cater for everyone in every corner of this wonderful county of ours over the BH Weekend ! I’m still actually getting used to the fact that it’s upon us !

Here’s a synopsis

Try Killorglin for the K Fest Music & Arts Festival– huge line up. Hope to get a trip in myself ! See the poster. As the Kerryman said “A unique blend, so expect the unexpected” – promoting culture through art gallery exhibitions, live music (on & off the street), film, spoken word & Childrens Workshops. www.kfest.ie

Try Listowel where you can let your imagination run riot at Listowel Writers Week. The Children’s programme is bigger than ever, but it’s not just for the little ones as there’s something in it for all ages ! The Town Park & Community Centre is the central hub of the Children’s Literacy Festival. 📖📚📖📚

Listowel Races is on Sunday & Monday with prizes galore for Ladies Day on Sunday. 🏇🏻🏇🏻 Let it be your chance to say to hell with the skinny jeans I’m putting on my glad rags. 👒💄

If your out & about in Killarney there’s the Tatoo Convention coinciding with this years BikeFest (Vroom Vroom 💨💨💨). It is Ireland’s largest free biker festival – all makes, models and manner of bikes are welcome! Indoor & Outdoor Entertainment guaranteed. www.irelandbikefest.com

Siamsa Tire has a new stage production on called Turas – featuring music & dance from all corners of Ireland. I’ve just watched a video clip promoting this on their website www.siamsatire.ie. Looks seriously full of energy.

If your into the Outdoors the list becomes endless. For Walkers or Hikers, there’s oodles to choose from: the 180km Kerry away begins in the little village of Dromid, Slí Chorca Dhuibhne has various routes or why not try a section of the Wild Atlantic Way. Mountain Climbing galore. Weather permitting of course.

If the weather doesn’t hold up there’s lots to keep the children occupied, Dingle Ocean World, The Climbing Wall (also in Dingle), Crag Cave, bowling Buddies, Muckross Farm I could go on !

Let’s hope the weather does hold up & we can all get out & about. I plan to do a more detailed post on some of these visitor attractions over the next few weeks so watch this space.

Have a good weekend ! Relax & enjoy !


Other people’s courage 

This mother inspires me. What will be a wonderful achievement for her son who has Cerebral Palsy to take part in a marathon


The precedent for this possibility came from a you-tube video ” I can only imagine ” which was discovered by Luke’s brother Robert a few years ago. It features a father and son duo, Dick and Rick Hoyt from Holland, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Rick has Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheelchair and together they have completed several marathons, right upto Ironman Triathlons.https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cxqe77-Am3w

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This Is How Sheryl Sandberg Says You Can Honor Her Late Husband Dave Goldberg


Sheryl Sandberg has responded to the outpouring of questions about how people can pay tribute to her late husband Dave Goldberg, who collapsed and died May 2 while exercising at a gym on vacation. Sandberg, Facebook’s COO, posted on the questions website Quora, where she answered the “generous” and “kind” users who asked how they could best pay their respects.

She wrote that people who knew the SurveyMonkey CEO personally could post photos and memories on Facebook. Others could make time to have dinner with their families:

One friend also told me that he canceled a planned work dinner last night to have dinner with his kids instead. We always went around the table and each of us said our best and worst of the day. The family rule is that you have to have a best but a worst is optional. I think there is no better way for…

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